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Interpreting Signs from the Universe

white featherIf you believe in an intelligent Universe that is spiritual in nature, you are going to be much more open to recognising signs that come to you from the Universe.  Where these signs come from in origin is most probably your Angels and spirit guides in co-operation with other beings. It may be mystifying to work out how they can arrange signs to be shown you until you grasp the fact that angels are multi-dimensional beings. Angels exist outside of time as we know it, so this would seem to be easy for them. Our angels do arrange for signs to be shown to us out of their love for us, and as part of their commitment to help and guide us. When we are open to signs we are never alarmed by these signs, and may merely see them as a warning at times, or as a sign that we are on the right path. Signs or personal omens work in combination with our intuition, which alerts us to the fact that something we encounter in the world holds a message of significance to us.

What is a Sign?

A sign is something that calls to our intuition as having special significance or meaning to us. It can be something we see on tv, read, or a snippet that is spoken to us by a friend or stranger who is divinely inspired to say what they do. As such, it could be the perfect comment or inspiration for us, the needed solution to a problem or even a confirmation that what we are doing is right, or what we know is correct. A sign is something that always generates the same feeling or inner knowing in us which cannot be proven to others. Spirit is not in the business of proving anything, but in the business of helping. Even if we consciously shrug off a sign, a part of us can still remember and take it on board.

Types of Signs

ladybugThere are many types of signs used by the universe to pass on a message or give us an intuitive nudge. We can see signs around us in the world, especially our own personal world, that are designed to give us a message. They do not appear all the time, and we cannot force a sign to appear (but we can request one from our angels). Most signs around us come from nature, either from animal life or insects. Infestations of insects in the home can be a powerful sign, as can interactions with them such as bites or menacing confrontations (a bad sign). Or something pleasant like a lady bug landing on our arm can be a wonderful sign. When I was searching for a placement as part of my course, I was wondering if I would ever get one. I was about to ring around yet again in search of this work placement. Then I glanced down and saw a baby ladybug on my arm. I went and gently put it outside and came back in to make my calls. On the fifth call, to my surprise, I was immediately offered a placement and managed to have them sign the contract that afternoon. As soon as I spied the ladybug on my arm, I knew it was a good sign as to the activity I was about to do - call around centers asking for placement.

On another day recently, I was about to head out to do some shopping even though I wasn't really in the mood to do so. As I stepped outside, a dead moth fell at my feet with an actual thud. This is rare and quite a bad omen. What immediately flashed though my mind was an image of a car accident. Was this a warning? I went back inside and feeling somewhat annoyed I resolved to not drive anywhere that day, so I didn't. This way of course I could not tell if the omen was true or not, but I dared not take the risk. As you come to understand insects/animals and their messages, you make sure to listen to them. If you put yourself in the angels shoes, how else can they get messages to us but through using signs in the real world? Angels are not allowed to actually intervene, but they are allowed to warn us, and usually do. Why not take advantage of this?

There can also be signs in nature, like a cloud formation that means something to a person, or a weird comment that is overheard and feels like a personal warning. One time I was contemplating a person from my past who I had many dreams about him trying to murder me. I no longer had contact with this person and upon reflection I was beginning to realise my sleeping dreams might have some truth to them. As I sat on a train that day, I overheard the weirdest conversation between two girls talking about how someone they knew could be a killer. My intuition was screaming at me because I could relate intimately to their fear and their comments. It was quite surreal and gave me the most chilling feeling. A chilling feeling in itself when your skin starts to creep and crawl is also a message from the Higher Self, where intuition comes from. My body was reacting and an alarm going off in my mind. I had spent years denying the dreams I was having because I was not really into dream interpretation, but I have always listened to waking signs more so.

So signs can appear from many sources. A perfect white feather that is seen when you get out of your car for example can indicate you are on the right path. Now maybe not every white feather carries this meaning - a sign works when it gives you a strong feeling, since it works in combination with your own intuition. I've seen feathers lying around often and it meant nothing to me, then on one day I see this perfect white feather that seems to scream at me and I can't stop looking at it since it is right in my path. I know it is a good sign, that I am on the right track or just made the right decision.

How Common are Signs?

Some people may not be aware of signs or take advantage of them; those people tend to receive less signs from the Universe as a consequence. For those who are open to this method of receiving information and confirmation, signs can happen more often. An example: Just the other day I had to return a new digital tv to the store as it was faulty and unwatchable. I had put off doing this as I had believed I would not get a refund. I'd phoned them and explained the situation and they said they had to test the fault (which only occurred half the time, some days the tv did function.) Then on that morning without planning it, I just packed up the huge screen in the box, put it in my car and set off. As I set off, my new sunglasses broke. In fact strangely they were broken already when I picked them up. I sat for a minute trying to fix them until finally I had success. Immediately my intuition said to me 'no coincidence', and I knew this was a sign saying my tv problem would likewise be solved.

I drove to the shopping center and, due to school holidays, cars were lined up on the highway and couldn't even get into the car park. It was packed full. Quickly I went around to another entrance and got in. I found a miracle spot within 2 minutes almost right outside the store I needed. Not only were all parking spots taken but cars couldn't 'get out' of the car park either, it was bedlam. I took the huge box and went straight in and the man said he needed to check the tv. Like some new miracle, I explained that the problem had nothing to do with the antenna since the set 'popped' loudly without the antenna being plugged in. He stopped in his tracks and said, "I don't need to look at this, let me just get you another one." My jaw dropped as he swapped the boxes over. I went back to my car and somehow got out of that car park within 5 minutes, unlike many other drivers who couldn't get out at all. I took the new tv home, plugged it in and it worked perfectly. I had received the earlier sign that I would have success, but also it seems the much talked about 'parking angels' had contributed and I could not have been happier. The original sign of the sunglasses was only a small thing but had packed a punch with my intuition. The sign was simply confirming that I would succeed that day.

Signs From Animals

Other common signs come from animals. Dealing with a large rat that enters your house can often symbolise a person who is a rat. I met a married man who was interested in me on the day of a rat encounter in my home. The sign was not lost on me and for that day I was looking for the "rat" I felt I had been warned about, and that same day it turned out to be true (since I have no interest in married men who want their cake and to eat it too). In a sense a sign can prepare us for what lay immediately ahead on any given day. On more rare occasions a dream can do the same thing, but that is for another article. Any kind of animal that visits our homes, or enters our homes, crosses our path when we are out in nature, or especially if an animal confronts us in a dangerous way, are all signs of people to watch out for in our life. You may have just met a new person and that same day, have a curious or alarming encounter with an animal or spider. Just take note, it could be an angelic warning as to the person's character or intent - you just never know.

A sign from a spider is common, ever heard of a money spider? Spiders do in fact symbolise money and this is true of dream interpretation as well. Although not an exact science (i.e. a spider will not always mean money is coming), animal and insect signs are very interesting and I have found a lot of success with them in general. For example, whenever I have been faced with an angry animal, there is usually someone who is angry with me in life. A life and death situation with an animal (or spider) can symbolise a dangerous person trying to enter your life, or an enemy about to take action. Take note of this serious warning, I have had this happen before. A little thought about signs and even some study on the subject can help us to best utilise helpful signs and warnings that come our way. And after all, they are free courtesy of the Universe!

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