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History Of The Book Of Karma: How It Differs From This Website

People may be wondering how my book (The Book Of Karma) differs from the information on my website, and I thought this would make an interesting article. Firstly about the writing of the book.

The Book Of Karma

ReadingI have to admit this was an interesting and difficult process at times because I had several different teachers writing through me, one of which I ended up kicking off the project. I am not sure how much to tell, however I am aware that most book writing, even novels, is overlighted by various angels or other souls/muses. I am not (yet) prepared to say who the original soul is that was writing with me but, for whatever the reason, I had numerous problems in making the words sound right. The visiting soul had a good handle on the English language, yet when we wrote together it always came out wrong. I also feel this was either a test or more likely it was karma for something I did incorrectly in a past life around writing. Also, I was unaware at first that another entity was writing with me. As my first experience in book writing, I discovered it is different than writing most other kinds of things.

So here began the first Big Rewrite! I had to end up rewriting the entire book differently, same content but written in a different style, in order to remove the influence of the soul that was writing with me. In fact, I had felt quite violated and angry when I realised what this soul was doing, and at all times since I have felt I never gave my agreement at any level for this to occur. It always felt like a violation, even though I was a big Fan of this soul who did great work in his own right when he was incarnated. I have to admit the history of The Book Of Karma is quite complicated, and I learned all kinds of lessons on the way.

After I rewrote the book the first time, I was still unhappy with the result and I decided to come up with a new style for myself personally. I was searching for a simplicity that would suit spiritual writing. It was around this time, I think, that I became more aware of the angels who had stepped in to write with me in the absence of the original muse. I have to say that whoever those angels are, they make the book sound better than anything I could write alone. They come in with great power and lend that power to the words. While I write the content, as it were, they "word it" or reorganise the wording as we go. It is not channelled because I have had to edit the manuscript at least ten times, each with patience and love. Editing does not really occur to channelled writings. I can do channelled readings, which is how I know the difference since channelling is much more automatic.

On an interesting note, and I doubt anyone could notice it, but the first two pages of the book were written last - and someone else came through to help me write it! Instead of my usual angels there with me, another entity who I know, and who is channelled by another author, came in and wrote the introductory few pages. I think I am most proud of that introduction, and I never had to edit those pages, they came out perfectly. It was such a surprise and an honour which I welcomed, as this new entity did not try to take over the project and so did not cause me to feel violated.

The Website

My writing on AskingAngels is a bit different to what I write in books. I have a second book written (not yet published) where again I work with the same angels. Yet with the website, something different is happening.

I am given what feels like total freedom when I write articles on AskingAngels, in other words, I am not writing as closely with the angels. They often give me little bits of information or insight when I write articles and, if you read my blog, they also show me future predictions as well. But they let me do what I like with the website. It isn't their project, it is mine. The angels inspired me to create this website about angels and other topics, yet it is for all intents and purposes my project.

Sometimes the angels have their projects (or combined projects with us) so we write the books they help us to write. Even though I could feasibly take over a book project, I really cannot do that because ultimately it is they who overlight it and I take my cues from them. The upshot of this is that the book contains spiritual authority and strong angelic energy. When I write online as I am now, I just bang on as per normal. It is curious how a writer can write in different styles depending on who else is working with them from the other side of the veil.

The Book Of Karma is available on Amazon. The first few pages can be read on the website here.

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