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How To Start & Write A Gratitude Journal

Like many others, I first heard about the idea of keeping a gratitude journal from Oprah. The topic of Gratitude is one that has taken me a while to get a grip on, I consider it a topic that is essential to master but one that does not necessarily come easily to many of us.

The Power Of Gratefulness

gratitude balloonsGratitude relates closely to The Law of Attraction and to How Our Thoughts Affect Us. To be grateful simply means to be thankful on a very deep level for all we have in life, and all that we expect to have. In my experience it is also a sense of excitement, of becoming, and of 'knowing' that good things come into our life. The irony is that, whilst this can be particularly difficult to master and experience, once we do - it becomes the easiest thing to uphold. Gratitude builds upon itself and can be about momentum; for one positive thought leads to the next and so on, building up that power until we become flooded with positive thoughts and thanks for the universe.

It is extremely helpful to first master Affirmations, and then read as much as we can about The Law of Attraction to continue to use affirmations to turn our life around. Because we are often trained to think in negative ways, and learn as children to complain rather than give thanks, it can take practice to master. But don't give up as gratitude is the key to life and creating what we want in life whilst being attractive energetically to wonderful things.

Gratitude Is A High Vibration

 To be thankful on a deep level is a high, powerful vibration to carry in our aura. We need to learn to honour ourself and honour our Soul urges. Part of this involves working out what fulfills us most in life and what our Soul wants us to do. As we work towards this we are honouring our soul.

Hint: your Soul's plans will be something that adds to the world, and quite simply helps others.

It could be raising a family, being the breadwinner in a job that fulfills you, building a business or creating something that helps others; it is very wide and as unique as each soul. Your purpose is the one thing that makes your soul sing - or the series of things that bring you joy.

Reaching this level of Gratitude is really a series of steps towards your goals whilst being mindful of your thoughts. Sometimes a person can achieve success in life and yet still feel ungrateful because they have not worked on all of their other issues, such as body image, relationships, parent issues or any other issues that remain as blocks. Working through our stuff and releasing it is important as well. But the good news is that it is possible for anyone to reach a blissful state of Gratitude in this life time, it just takes mindfulness.

Once we have found that 'sweet spot' of Gratitude and worked on it so that the vibration begins to sing, it becomes part of us and is easily accessed. Some people practice Gratitude each day and this is an excellent beginning. Once we reach a high vibration, we may no longer need to work on it each day as we once did.

Tips to Getting There - Journaling!

Gratitude JournalAny old note pad or paper will do for your journaling, or journal online.

The object of the gratitude journal is to invoke the true feeling of gratitude. It is important to use the journal once a week, rather than daily. This is because we all have bad days where we cannot think of anything to write, therefore we begin to write false statements. The journal should strive for honesty, and this is easier to obtain if we save up a number of things we are grateful for throughout the week, and then journal them together.

If you only have one thing to journal about that you are truly grateful for over the week, write that only. Don't try to write a long entry or fabricate a long list of things that you don't feel deeply about. Your journal may only contain one sentence for the week. Or if you have had a fabulous week, it could contain many things you feel truly grateful for. Remember not to judge what you have to be grateful about, as this journal is all about the feeling of gratitude; you are not competing to have the most fabulous week.

If you are truly stuck for anything to write in your journal, then try it from this angle. Think of things you already have and reflect on how you would feel if you were without them. Suddenly, something we took for granted can be realised as the precious thing it really is. This is in the spirit of the gratitude journal.

You can put anything, no matter how silly, in your journal. For example if you take a morning train and sit near a handsome man each day who improves your trip for the eye candy appeal, write it down come the end of the week. It may seem silly but life is truly about the silly little things that happen to us, the secret pleasures. Even if you write about discovering a new chocolate, or new perfume, and that is all that happened all week, by writing this down, you can gain a feeling of happiness. Then you can start to notice all of the silly things that happen, because there are a lot of tiny joyful things each day, like a midday coffee (imagine not having coffee!), or a warm fragrant breeze that reminds us that summer is approaching. As we build this wave of appreciation, we draw to ourself, through positive energy, more nice things. Try it - we have nothing to lose!

More Tips

Use Affirmations to change your thinking on a subconscious level.

Keep to your path no matter what others are doing or saying.

Affirm that you believe in yourself and start creating that positive change and self-image.

Practice and persevere with affirmations, it can take a small amount of perseverance to change a deeply held negative thought about yourself, although go at your own pace.

Be open to advice from others and find writers and books that discuss Gratitude.

Keep affirming that you are as deserving as anyone else.

Keep your heart open and love yourself.

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