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Being Spiritual with Confidence

Have you ever noticed how sometimes being on a spiritual path in life can cause a person to be less confident or seem less strong than those other, highly confident people who strut around with often never a spiritual thought on their minds? Many people who achieve success in the world often do so financially through gaining wealth, possessions and then confidence seems to follow, for the world applauds those who "make it" in a business sense, hold positions of power, or have enough money to create large legacies in the world. Such people feel their worth, receive a lot of accolades and often have many physical reminders of their success such as a large house or expensive car. It really isn't hard for them to feel good about themselves because they have chosen to excel in a financial way in the world, that is the path they have chosen and their success is obvious and often tangible.

Enter the student of spirituality who seeks after bettering their soul, strives to be kinder and more compassionate, ardently seeks to know God and themself better, or strives to learn healing techniques and minister to other's health and wellbeing. Those on a spiritual path do not place possessions or wealth highly on their list since their goals are entirely different. Often their goals are intangible, they seek meditation, they work on their light bodies, and work on strengthening the light body of Earth. Rarely do they achieve riches and they do not ask for them.

When you compare these different types of people both with different goals, (material versus spiritual) what you often see is a lack of confidence in the gentle souls who seek spiritual fulfillment. They may drive an old, beat up car, struggle to pay off a mortgage on an average house, and rarely take expensive holidays. Often they work for free when it comes to giving healing to others, or if they do psychic readings find there is precious little in that. In fact it seems psychics are so undervalued that often they are expected to share their skills and experience for free (I can vouch for that by the emails I get from people wanting a reading for free). People will even argue with you that if you are truly spiritual then why are you asking for money.

This reflects the world view that spiritual people are not worth anything - and spiritual people can often suffer from low self confidence as a result. By interacting with average people, even discussing spiritual topics can result in a feeling of being put down, laughed at or someone trying to take advantage of your kind nature. Yet those who chase money by creating money as their life purpose are profusely congratulated, even if their activities are depleting earth's resources or harming the planet in some way. So my question is, how do spiritual people with less income stay every bit as confident as the others?

Create Your Confidence

Whenever I attend a spiritual event or weekend of some kind, I always find myself surrounded by insecure people searching for something outside of them to lift them up. These people rarely have confidence, their eyes are full of searching, and they seem to snatch up any product offered that will change them or make them better. They often don't dress well and they appear insecure and lost. They give off an air of "please won't you save me".

A really wonderful way to create inner confidence is to write down all of your spiritual attainments. Now this may sound strange to some because after all, we do not attain spiritually just to boast about it, in fact rather the opposite. This could actually be a big mistake. Whilst you should never become boastful (and ironically many spiritual teachers doing the rounds spend a lot of time doing just that), to be strong and confident, you absolutely SHOULD be aware of your spiritual accomplishments.

In comparison if you look at those who achieve materially, their techniques are to set goals, write them down, go after them, and then check them off that list once a goal is reached. Then they reward themselves. When was the last time you rewarded yourself for completing a spiritual goal? We never seem to do it do we, and we absolutely should. There is nothing wrong with keeping a list of your achievements and reading it everyday so you are reminded of where you are going and you can gain confidence as you go.

I want to say to spiritual people: Value yourself! Write down a list of your virtues, write down the good things you are achieving and remind yourself everyday of your amazing value and worth. You may not be rich because you are not on that path, you have chosen otherwise, your goals are much more quiet but not necessarily humble. We have to start patting ourselves on the back each and every day and say "job well done!" It is strange that we value healers such as nurses and doctors who are applauded, yet spiritual healers are still being pestered to work for free because others see no value in what we do. How wrong they are! I am reminded of school teachers and even nannies and kinder teachers who are likewise undervalued and underpaid yet who do amazing work. If you perform a task in the world that involves caring, you are not seen as a mover or shaker but rather as a light touch but how wrong this is. So it is up to us, you and me, to change this attitude within ourself and state each day the affirmation: "I have amazing value, my work is priceless, I am worth a lot in this world."

Often when someone undervalues my work or begs for free services, I ban them altogether for they try to foster the complete opposite to what I believe about myself. Take the path of Confidence, hold your head up high and ignore the negative stereotypes of those who are still ignorant. I understand this well because I have also worked for years with children, another 'lightweight' profession according to the movers and shakers. Let's be confident in what we do and show them we are as good as they are, if not better. I happen to think that taking a spiritual path in life is more fraught with difficulties, and misunderstandings, and others try to keep us undervalued so that we all believe that their work is more important - it isn't. I feel a day is coming when attitudes change at large, it will begin when we change our attitudes about ourself to ourself. Seek confidence, seek knowing your true value (it is huge), and let others see you smiling a mysterious smile becauseyou know how wrong they are.

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