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The Spiritual Law of Attraction

I first read about the Law of Attraction in 1992, long before the current popular books on the subject. I had found an obscure Indian author who wrote in the 1800's and whose works were truly spiritual in nature. When I heard about the bestseller called The Secret and the topic it covered, I was overjoyed because I knew at last modern people would learn about this invaluable law to their betterment. However, what this teaching has done for those not ready for it has seemed to distort the entire purpose of the Law of Attraction as a Spiritual law.

I have not read the entirety of The Secret, and I tend to feel the misunderstanding may be with the readers. What seems to have happened is that readers are viewing this law of nature as a way to get rich quick. What people seem to want to attract is Riches, Fame and instant love. Some may want the law to remove each and every obstacle from their lives and make their life exactly as they wish it to be. Few realise that some obstacles are meant to be, for many reasons. Some are karma and no magic wand can remove bad karma; others are designed by the soul to bring about needed lessons. If all of our obstacles have come from the law of attraction, i.e. if lack of wealth is from the law of attraction, then this is how we can fix it. But many of life's problems are not related to this and so the law of attraction isn't necessarily the solution.

Where problems are created by attracting the wrong thing, then strictly speaking using the law does work but it is hard work, and larger changes take time to achieve. You probably won't get some quick fix out of it like winning the lottery but you may find extra work, or suddenly find yourself able to save money.

I believe that what is written today about the Law of Attraction is true - changing our lives in many cases is attainable and is available through positive thought and faith. But even if you do happen to get rich off it, have you made any true advancement? Isn't a truly spiritual advancement more important than some cash, your dream car or a holiday?

The true meaning of the Law of Attraction is about giving. Have you noticed that when you give, things seem to come back to you? The idea that you can 'take' from the law isn't in fact a positive energy to send out to the universe. The joke may be on us after all, for when we are spiritually advanced enough to be utterly giving and constantly positive, we no longer need all the palava. Instead we are beyond the urge for money, possessions and the like. When we are advanced beyond a lot of this 'ego' yearning (desire for things comes from the ego), that is when the things can come, but we probably won't even want to keep them. Not many are on a consciously spiritual path, many more are on a materialistic path. So we interpret the Law of Attraction differently depending on whether we see it through spiritual eyes, or the eyes of our materialism.

We are all still learning about this law but what I feel strongly is that inner peace is needed to manifest. In other words, put in the work and then let it go. It comes when you don't suspect and comes in strange ways. When I began to over think the situation it then slowed noticeably. That is how sensitive the universe is to our thoughts and energy. We are all learning, all on this journey together. Order what you need using positive intention, thoughts and Faith, then let it go and maintain peace.

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