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STAR TWINS - Same Sign Couples

same sign couples

I have been writing a lot about Twin Flame relationships lately and began to wonder, apart from other soulmates, what other kinds of twins do we have?

The term 'Star Twin' involves dating someone with the same star sign; they are our zodiac twin (at least in terms of sun sign). For example, a Cancer dating another Cancer, or a Leo another Leo. Of course the sun sign is only one aspect of our natal chart and so only one part of a larger story. Yet our sun sign is an important aspect so, can dating a person born under the same sun work out? Can it be harmonious to love our own star twin?

A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

With same sign couples, we cannot know definitively until we try, but once we do try we will see immediately whether the match will work out or not. Since same signs tend to have the same tastes and same issues (negative traits), when it isn't working, it will be quite obvious. Yet when these matches work out, they can be heaven on Earth, and it may even be the most like dating your own twin flame. It isn't necessarily boring to date a star twin, even though you may share many traits. Don't forget its all your other chart aspects that will make for differences to keep things interesting.

Let's look at each zodiac to see trends that may apply with each same sign couple. Please remember that success or failure can depend on how evolved each individual is, for the more evolved, the less existent are the negative traits of each sign.

Star Twins By Sign

Aries-Aries This combination can indeed be Titanic. Both of you are big characters who have a lot of energy and passion. This can work if one of you is prepared to bow down slightly to the other's ego, otherwise there can be ego clashes. You are going to understand the fun side of each other but try to leave your competitive side at the door. You will appreciate each other's independence and never stifle each other. Long term passion is very possible in this doubly-fiery relationship. Give allowances to each and you can go far.

Taurus-Taurus Two solid earth signs but both of you are stubborn. This can be a problem to reaching harmony in this relationship since neither of you will naturally back down. Also be aware of any laziness when it comes to working on your relationship. On the plus side, you both enjoy the home life, yet are social and love to make friends.

Gemini-Gemini A fast moving relationship that can be exciting, and full of ideas and free flowing change. Said to be a stimulating and eventful relationship, you will never tire of the other or get bored. There could be a lack or orderliness in your home lives but a fantastic loyalty is indicated. Where interests vary greatly and there is nothing else in common, you could drift apart, so develop those common interests and be involved in the other's life.

Cancer-Cancer This combination can work well because both of you are concerned for the other and any problems they may have. You are both empathic but because you are equally emotional, you could sink too deeply into the other's emotions. Your love life could be very interesting with both of you open to new things.

Leo-Leo You are both beings who enjoy receiving attention, so try not to compete when out together to be the life of the party; rather take turns or try to share the spotlight. You both like to be the leader so this could cause issues with ego. You are both passionate, fiery and love to be around others so you can shine. You are also quite stubborn, so practicing humility when together and being generous with sharing the spotlight will go a long way to concreting this relationship.

Virgo-Virgo Yes, this relationship can indeed work out although it can be challenging at times because you are both so demanding of perfection from the other. There is nothing wrong with criticizing each other as long as you keep your perspective and keep it light and loving. At least you can have good communication together. You will be very compatible in the bedroom also.

Libra-Libra Two libras can be a lovely combination with both of you striving for peace, fairness and harmony. You will however mirror the other when it comes time to making decisions since you both need time to do this. You are both easygoing but try not to simply go with the flow all the time, as shaking things up when you feel it needs it is healthy. Speak your mind in this relationship and encourage your partner to do the same. There can be a lot of attraction between this pairing.

Scorpio-Scorpio Intensity is the name of the game in this passionate relationship. You are both highly sexual, maybe even obsessed with sex, so you will match perfectly and your partner will be easily able to keep pace with you. Scorpios are very curious and are analytical, so you will match each other mentally here as well. Some negative traits you may or may not share is your natural possessiveness and suspicion. Try to take a step back and see all things clearly before jumping to conclusions with each other. This can be a long lasting relationship when all goes well.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius You both love your freedom and independence, so unless you are moving in the same direction, this could be trying for the success of this relationship. But do not give up too soon, instead work to build a solid foundation for the two of you. Fun and travel are highlighted for this combination, as are friendships, and you can enjoy competing with each other. At the very least, you should keep things honest as this is your natural tendency.

Capricorn-Capricorn Both of you enjoy having control, but since you recognize the close similarities in your natures, each may find themselves happy to share the power. If this is meant to be, you will naturally support each other in both your individual dreams and goals. You will enjoy time out from the world together in your own private world. You are both loyal to a tee. If needed, curb those workaholic trends so that you spend more time together. This deep bond can be lasting.

Aquarius-Aquarius You are both changeable, but this can provide for an exciting relationship. Determining a solid basis of this relationship can prove hard but not impossible. You will probably be friends first anyway, and therefore supportive of each other. Watch out you don't both creative excessive drama; remember to discuss your issues as they come up, rather than ignore them. Keep your communication honest and open so as you don't loose track of each other's hectic life.

Pisces-Pisces Pisces are sensitive, so a relationship between the two of you makes sense, doesn't it? Since you are both dreamers, one or both of you will need to keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground, but you can do this given a bit of effort. This has the potential to be a very deep, spiritual relationship. You are both giving in nature as well, so this can work out in the long term as you are so suited to being together.

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