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RISING SIGN - Discover Your Sign

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Your sun sign is only a small part of the picture of who you are astrologically. You will also want to know your rising sign and moon sign to get a better picture of what makes you tick. We do not have to be absolute experts to have a lot of fun with astrology. Your rising sign is very easy to calculate by looking at a simple chart or table, or using a calculator (see below). Let's look at how knowing this sign will help us.

What Is A Rising Sign?

Our rising sign figures prominently in our overall natal or birth chart and gives us a huge insight into what makes us tick. Some people put a lot of emphasis on our sun sign, yet our rising sign is just as important. In fact, the configuring of our entire chart depends on the sign that was rising at the moment of our birth. This means, our rising sign is just that; it is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon. As you will soon notice, our rising sign depends on our location, as different signs are rising simultaneously depending on where we are located. And this too solves the mystery of why we must give an astrologer the time and location of our birth - so they can look at our rising sign.

Another name for rising sign is ascendant. What our ascendant actually shows us is the "face" that we wear in public. If your ascendant is Leo (the sign of Leo was on the eastern horizon when you were born), you will have a lot of Leo characteristics that others can see. People may mistake you for a Leo sun sign because you will appear very Leoine to them. It is usually our first or lasting impression we make on other people.

What Does The Rising Sign Govern?

Our rising sign governs our appearance and personality, so just from these two factors can we see how important our rising sign is on who we are. You will dress according to your ascendant, and it will affect your overall style. We also tend to act like our rising sign. This does in no way cancel out the effects of our sun sign (the sign the sun was in when we were born). It merely means our rising sign may well be more obvious to others before they can recognise our sun sign.

Learn Your Rising Sign

Now you know how important this sign is in the chart, you may be asking, how do I find out my ascendant? This part is really easy. You will need to know your date and time of birth as well as location. Then you simply need to input these into a rising sign calculator to get your result!

You can find a rising sign calculator Right Here.

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