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How To See Angels? Here's How

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You can learn to see angels in your minds-eye but also in real life - have you seen them yet? Seeing angels is no easy feat, if you are talking about fully solid-looking beings with big wings and halos. However, most people, even psychics, usually don't see them this way but in a more subtle form.

Clairvoyance is the ability to 'see' things psychically, not just with the physical eyes but also with the minds-eye. Using the third-eye chakra we can much more easily see things in our mind and this is usually the best place to start. We can attempt to see angels with our eyes open, but I would suggest closing them first to see what impressions you are given of them. Firstly, what can you expect?

What Do Angels Look Like?

There are many ways that angels show themselves to us. Sometimes we can even dream about them but, more often, we catch a glimpse of them or see them from the corner of our eyes. Sometimes we sense someone else close and may see their legs or part of their body, but when we turn to face them, they've vanished into thin air! Yep, angels do this. If we want to see more of angels we have to practice.

We can often see angels as orbs, sparkles (like in photographs) or fast moving steaks of light, here now but gone a second later. This is not because they are in a hurry, but we must remember that angels are spiritual beings of high vibration. They are not physical beings like we are. Think of them vibrating so fast that they simply disappear from our viewing. When something moves fast enough, like the blade of a propellor on a helicopter, we may only see it like a smudge of movement. If it went round fast enough we might not know it was even there. This is true of angels as well, and this is why we might see an orb or some coloured sparkles of light, as it is easier to appear as these things.

Have you ever taken photographs and seen circles of light that appear for no reason? This is often your angels appearing around you. It could also be spirit guides or relatives who have passed over. I once saw two orbs of light in my bedroom in the middle of the night. They were unaware that I could see them because my head was on a strange angle. I opened my eyes and there they were floating together in my room. They faded away gently in about a second and I felt like I wasn't supposed to see them. It was a lot of fun! Angels usually show themselves to us after a lot of prayer or when we really need it.

You can ask your angels to appear in a photo and see what turns up. They can show up at gatherings but it is nice to ask them to appear. You might just get a few orbs of lights in your picture, how lovely!

6 Steps To Seeing Angels

gold angelSometimes an angel may appear to look more solid. They may appear as a person who looks normal, or sometimes they may be a little translucent or have a halo, an inner white light or glow, or even wings. Some angels have distinct colours also associated with them, like an blue colour for Archangel Michael or an emerald green for Archangel Raphael.

Many of us never see this kind of angel, but we can increase our clairvoyance by practising to see them. We can improve a lot when we put time and energy into increasing our awareness of angels. Here are some tips for seeing angels:

1. Ask your angel to come in front of you directly and slowly show themselves. They will do this if you ask. Now you know they are there and can concentrate on discerning them from the background around them.

2. Relax your eyes and take some deep breathes. It is important to relax as you try to see them. You do not want to focus on them but just try to glimpse them. Sometimes its difficult to relax yourself. You need to make sure that your eyes are not staring or straining too hard. It can be a chore to train yourself to be like this, almost as though you are daydreaming. Just relax and practice this. If you feel you are straining too hard, then move your eyes around and come back to it again.

3. Try to find them in dim lighting. It is a good idea to practice this early in the morning or late at night in a darkened room. It is much easier seeing whatever is there when the lights are off or very low. In dim lighting I see all kinds of things whizzing around that are too fast to make out. See what you can make out by doing this.

4. Close your eyes and ask to see them in your minds-eye first. This is another easy way to first see your angels. They will gently put a picture into your mind. You may feel like you are just imagining this but know that it is your angels. Empty your mind and open to receive. They may even give a message to you if you are able to hear them.

5. Now open your eyes and see what is there. Can you make them out? When we get excited, we tend to lose it again, so try to remain relaxed.

6. Now that you see something, try to make out what it is. Look at the outline first of your angel. We can see outlines of things first, like the shape or maybe a colour. Just keep gazing relaxedly at it until it becomes fuller or more solid, and this will be more real. Say hello and thank them for showing themselves to you. You've just seen an angel!

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