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Why Angels Won't Save Us

Many people who devoutly believe in angels hold an erroneous view that the angels will swoop down and save the entire world from the coming disasters, i.e. total economic meltdown, the death of the environment, cleaning up the massive radiation that is now everyday in the northern hemisphere. This is an easy excuse and why most people don't bother to lift a finger to help the earth and the extraordinary number of purely political problems on it.

I know that most people recycle and give a little money to good causes, then sit back and wait for someone else to save the planet. For some reason, the ordinary person shuns political issues, instead preferring to be distracted by brain-dead "celebrity news" (designed to distract you) or the latest must have consumer products. People seem to genuinely believe that some agent outside of this earth will save everyone, despite the fact that more than half of the world goes hungry or does not live in safety. Have the angels ever swooped in to feed these hungry people? Actually no they have not, and they are not going to step in and do our job for us - WE the people (yes, including you who are reading this) must actually fix this world together.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that our planet will be fixed or healed by angels. At least not before the tribulation. It would seem that the tribulation is needed so as to knock some sense into humanity that they need to start taking responsibility for their planet and start to live in more godly ways. If the planet has gone wild, it is because people themselves are utterly lost and wild in their ways.

Nowhere in spiritual texts has it ever stated that some agent of God will come and clean up our polluted, dying planet, clean up the massive amounts of radiation, or give us fresh food when it all disappears. It does not say this in spiritual texts because the angels do not intend to do this. They have never promised this. So if humankind has to take care of its own planet, why are we sitting on our arses waiting for some Godly Agent or Messenger to swoop in and simply fix our corrupt governments?

The purpose of this website was to speak about angels and how to communicate with them. This has its place in the world, this light, fluffy conversation about all things angelic - for it is all true. I do think that people misinterpret the angelic messages given to us and start to believe angels will fix OUR mess. There has never been one single promise by angels to do this. I have never read or received such a message. The messages always say we can use prayer and this is a great help, but precious few actually do this. Although I pray often for evil to be removed from this world, I wonder if others ask for this? Do people contribute anything to FIX this world? Sadly very few, since the rest are waiting for "someone else" to fix it all.

Karma - The Tribulation Is HERE

The sad fact is that huge numbers of people are dying in the US of cancers caused by Fukushima radiation and other radiation spills on their own continent. I read about these leaks all of the time, radiation is many hundreds of times over the safe limits, this is recorded fact, but the mainstream media keeps it secret. Also the oceans are no longer safe to swim in because of the toxic chemicals dumped in it to clean up the oil spill. It is time to reap what we have sown.

America has fallen to pieces recently with an open border that has allowed five million illegal aliens to enter and live - I am talking about a lot of disease crossing the border and a lot of gangs. Do you wonder why the government removed the guards and let all those people just walk in? America is being irradiated right now and also watered down with thugs. Everything is starting to fail. Morals and ethics are at an all time low, plus there are the everyday satanic symbols being broadcast in movies and music, books and pamphlets from the Church Of Satan being handed out at schools, and education is disappearing as Common Core comes into effect. If that isn't enough, GMO is in all the foods, and sure no one likes it, but lets not do anything, let's wait for some divine agent to solve it all for us. On top of all this, corporations are now legally suing governments (thanks TPP) who do not let them in to mine, destroy the environment, poison the water, etc. Corporations are now running the show, not governments! The media has never reported on it and never will. Let's all stay asleep.

People on mass have walked away from God, and not surprisingly God's punishment may be at hand. It looks like it has already started. Can we say we don't deserve all we are getting, since we sat back and allowed it to happen? Have we been good and kind, caring about doing God's work, spreading love and living in harmony? Living a careful, virtuous life and turning away from false idols like money and endless consumer goods? Judging by the violent movies promoting endless death it would not seem so, at all. All the innocent civilian men, women and children killed by bombs from the so called "good" governments while we sat back and said, "that is the price they pay". Are there repercussions for walking away from God?

This the Bible warned about, and very clearly warned about. When the WiFi that washes constantly through our homes from our devices and smart meters starts to kill us, who can we blame but ourselves for allowing this mess to happen? We actually pay money for junk food that is toxic and is killing us. We pay for the privilege to be poisoned, and when it is called "junk" food, we cannot pretend we are innocent to how toxic it truly is. Willingly we allow ourselves to listen to the media lies about how safe our phones are - deep down we know we are cooking our brains - we do, don't we?

I believe that the shit is about to hit the fan exactly as the Bible foretold. We cannot say we haven't been spiritually warned. When all the bad starts to happen, will we complain and say we don't know why it has all gone so wrong? Please stop waiting for angels to come and save the world, start to take interest in what is REALLY happening on this planet. Unplug from mainstream media which is mostly a fantasy given us to distract us from the real issues. A world war with Russia is planned with forces already amassing on the border, it's true. I would start praying that this is avoided at all costs. I don't wish to hand out all "light, fluffy stuff" on this site, sometimes the harsh truth needs to be aired as well.

There is some comfort in the Bible for the godly (or good) people will be saved from these times, it says, they will pass through it. The wicked and corrupt are about to pay a pretty big price for ruining this planet and its people, and I believe they will not enter into the New Earth.

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