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Is It Alright To Pray To Angels?

When we pray to angels we are actually praying to divine beings who work on behalf of God, so in effect we are also praying to God. It doesn't make a lot of difference since angels are God-like and do God's will in all things. If we could meet our angels, we would be in the presense of agents of divine love who are harmless in word and deed. They are love-in-action. As humans, we are said to be angels in training, containing all of the traits of the angels, however the difference is that we are still learning to control our impulses and turn more fully towards God. Until then we can speak to and pray to angels as the agents of God, and God will always understand.

Is It A Sin To Pray To Angels?

Angel PraysI do not believe it is sinful or upsetting to God for humans to pray to angels, since they are the messengers of God. We have guardian angels with us since birth who know and understand us intimately. Did you know that even when we don't pray, our angels still act on our behalf? We do not have to formally pray to God or angels for the angels to know what we need and go about helping us. For many angels this is their divine assignment, and believe me when I say the angels love their work! I communicate with angels as a psychic and they want everyone to know how much they love helping us out. They have our backs, even if we do not believe in them or God. It is no requirement that we are good or s0-called worthy, because angels help out all so that we can grow in love and spirituality. The angels understand the physical world we live in and understand the need for money and also our divine search for love. Who else would God appoint to watch over us if not the angels? We need not pass any test, and even those who do bad things are still loved by God and the angels, who endlessly try to help us back onto the right path.

How To Pray To Angels

Praying comes naturally to us. Even non-believers are able to pray during an emergency, even if they have never prayed before. It is simple and needs to be heartfelt, sending out a request for something we actually need, rather than something we only "want". God knows us well, and we too know God; this is what enables us to speak to Him/Her. We can speak directly to Father God, and Mother God if we prefer, or any of the archangels - they all hear us when we speak to them. They do not judge, ever. They are like neutral observers who understand even when we are in the stickiest of situations. They do not mind and they will surround us with love and protection if we request it. Some angels and archangels have particular talents that can be read about here, so we can know who to make our requests too. Or we can simply ask our own dear angels who are our guardians in spirit.

Even Angels Pray To God

Angels are in a constant kind of communication with God because they were created to do so. We may also develop the same abilities since God wants to be close to us, be intimate with us, because God loves us. It is we who often shy away from God, not the other way around, and God is endlessly patient with us. The angels are steadfast in their prayer, it is like a choir of angelic voices who sing praise to God endlessly. If the angels can pray to their creator to exault His Name, so to can we pray to them as His intermediaries. I believe it really makes no difference who we pray to as long as we pray for genuine, heartfelt help with any problem we have.

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