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Meet The Seven Archangels


Are Archangels Real and Do They Exist?

Yes the archangels are real beings who exist in higher dimensions. They are mighty beings of light and, rather than being distant from humanity, they are currently championing our fight for freedom against those who have oppressed humans and created slaves out of us by using the false system called "debt".
classic angel

Are Archangels Male or Female?

The archangels are androgynous beings, and each can be correctly called a collective of beings. They are so vast in consciousness that they comprise more than one personality. This means they are a balance of the cosmic male and female energies. As humans, we play out a role that is predominantly one or the other gender, yet even we have both male and female within us and we seek to balance these energies. Neither is better since they both compliment each other.

Are Archangels Good or Bad?

The archangels were created by God and have remained close to God for eons of time since their creation. From their perspective in a higher, nonphysical dimension, they direct what is happening on Earth according to God's decrees. Their fondest wish is to connect to each of us personally in our lives. They actually exist in a higher dimension that is above the polarity of good and bad. They do not judge us, and they simply work out God's Plan. Since this plan includes helping all living creatures, creating freedom, abundance, mercy, forgiveness, and love, in our human terms we can call them Good. Definitely good.

How To Connect And Communicate With Archangels

Through our sacred hearts and higher senses, we can indeed connect and talk to them, meaning they are never far away. This website is all about how to connect with angels, so please take a good look around for pointers. Anyone can talk to our angel of choice and observe how and when they connect with us, and what they may do. Some people can see them or more often, angels are seen as a flash of light out of the corner of our eyes, a spirit orb, or a soft touch on our face, even sometimes a beautiful scent or a sign. Some people claim they have been visited by certain angels, especially Archangel Michael (often called AM) who after comforting them silently disappears into thin air.

There are many blessed beings one can connect to, and I often have a lovely female energy around me as well as my normal guides. You do not always know who is around you, but as we speak to the angels, we can increasingly feel their energy and hear their kind words in our minds.

What Do Archangels Look Like? Do They Have Wings?

Archangels can appear to us however they wish to appear, although they often show themselves as young, even as young as sixteen for example. They prefer a youthful appearance since spirit doesn't grow old or degenerate. What they are in reality is a kind of energy without a physical body as we know it. Perhaps they may appear like a great ball of light, or a star in their true form. They do not really have wings in actuality, yet they may appear with wings if that is what we expect them to have. Angelic beings are associated with colours, and rays (see the descriptions below), so they might appear with a coloured aura, or as a flash of colour out of the corner of our eye.

How Many Archangels Are There?

There are many, many archangels in this universe, more than we could know or mention, and most of whom are unknown to us here on earth. It would not be possible to put a number on them.

The following is a list of the seven most famous archangels along with a description of their specialties.


Male Angel

Archangel Michael is really cool as arguably the most famous of all the archangels, and as a great leader and warrior, endlessly fighting the dark forces who shy away from him and his great blue sword of light. He is on the blue ray, the ray of Will, and we can feel the power emanating off him. His personality is funny, inspiring, no-nonsense and I always sense him like the CEO or the captain who runs the ship. He commands legions of all angels, so he quite literally is the captain of the ship. He is quite flamboyant with a big sense of humour and like all angels, very loving and supportive. Try to call on him. When I call him, I tend to get Mother Mary instead - I'm not sure what that means but I'm not complaining!

When he appears physically, he is said to be very tall (some say up to 12 feet), he is blond, muscular and good looking. One of his roles is as the courageous protector of the light and lighted beings. He has been known to protect thousands of people through direct intervention and miracles; just call on him if you need protection. Another of his roles is to help us cut etheric cords to others that are negative in nature. He transmutes dark based feelings like fear into light to help free us when needed.


Raphael is another famous angel with quite distinct abilities and specialties. He is a powerful healer and often works through those who do healing here on Earth. He will heal any who ask and who are ready to be healed. In reality we heal ourself with his help, and if this is in accordance to our life plan then we can be instantly healed by asking God or Raphael to release us from our illnesses. Those being healed can often see or sense green light. He is also the Patron Saint of travelers so we can call on him during our travels and ask that our trip be smooth and easy with no problems. He can also heal animals when requested.

Angel 3Gabriel

What a marvel Gabriel is. Of course it has been revealed by the archangels recently that Gabriel was deep undercover for millennia posing as Lucifer, in order to minimise the damage being done by the Dark. I could not even comprehend that level of dedication and mastery, its not a job many could do. His name means "the strength of God". He is also a messenger of God and one of his main roles is communication. His colour is copper; signs of copper may mean he is around you.

Gabriel has been depicted in art and even in movies as feminine in character, even though we refer to him as 'him'. He is said to work closely with Mother Mary and is closely involved in birth and children. One may call on him to help when a child is agitated and needs soothing and love.


Uriel is known as intellectual, his name means "the light of God" and his colour is yellow. He can shine a light on our lives and minds, putting ideas, information and insights inside us helping us to find the way intellectually. He can be called upon to help in intellectual tasks such as completing an exam. When stuck for ideas or answers, simply call his name, silently if you wish. He can even help one to write speeches or communicate better, finding the words for you, what a pleasure!


Chamuel means "he who sees God" and is said to have omniscient vision, meaning that he can see everything and every connection. He is an angel of Peace and also is able to find missing items for us, which he can locate in a snap. He is said to be very accessible and willing to help so that many people call on him to help find items, jobs, relationships and the like, just about anything it would seem.
trumpet angel


"The Lion/ess Of God" This lovely angel is aligned with Nature and is often depicted as feminine in nature. She is a healer like Raphael and often works with him to help nature and the animal kingdoms. If you have an injured animal, call on her to lend her support and healing efforts. If you are an environmentalist then she may well work with you, as protection of the earth is her passion. As with all the archangels, they actually have roles to play in creation that seem amazing, for example she governs the order of the physical universe including the stars and planets. Yet here on earth she can help us to liaise with the fairies and nature elementals and she tells me it is her pleasure to do so! So call on her if you are ready to meet some fairies in your garden or local park.


Metatron is another powerful angel and his name has the sound of power. He is the Scribe of God and holds a very high station in Heaven. He is a teacher of spiritual and esoteric subjects, his colours are the heart colours of deep pink and green. He is in charge of the Merkabah which is the light body, our own interdimensional body or spaceship which we take with us upon ascension. He is also a healer and works with children as well as adults to teach and guide us. If you have a highly sensitive child that needs help, call on him to guide this child.

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