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6 Steps To More Inspiration & Light

It is possible to ask our angels for inspiration, ideas and more light, and all we have to do is ask! They will provide. In my life some of my best ideas came to me directly from my angels. Even this website about angels is an example because I had never imaged I would create a website. My angels told me to! I don't think I would have ever gotten this idea on my own, and I love writing articles for this site. When it comes from the angels, it will work out.

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What Can Inspiration Be Used For

Please don't worry that you need to have a relationship already with angels to do this exercise, for you do not. We all have angels around us, tasked with helping us, and we don't need to know them personally in order to work with them. This is the beauty.

The angels are a wonderful resource, and they want everyone to know about this. In times gone past we were deliberately discouraged from connecting to our higher dimensional teams so that we would remain more helpless. But the power of the angels is awesome and keeping to their rules of non-interference, they CAN help and step in as soon as we give them permission to.

Inspiration can be used to
  • get wonderful ideas
  • learn your life path or life purpose
  • see clearly the best steps you can take right now
  • receive health advice
  • come up with financial ideas or business ideas and inspiration
  • radically improve what you already have going on with new insight
So you see that receiving inspiration is like taking a fast track to the brilliant "light bulb" moments when a successful future becomes possible. You will still need to put in the hard yards to create what you are shown. If you are a hard worker this is the first step to what could be wonderful new and fresh ideas.

6 Steps To Receiving Inspiration From Angels

Angels have oodles of inspiration. Try the following exercise to ask your angels for more inspiration to enter your life:

Step 1: Go to a quiet place in your home (or workplace) and decide to spend 5-10 minutes there with your phone off. Ask others not to interrupt.

Step 2: Take a pad and pen in case ideas start coming to you immediately.

Step 3: Get comfortable and relaxed. Take a few deep breathes to help center you in the moment. You may want to take about two minutes to deeply relax and clear your mind.

Step 4: Invite your angels in. Say hello in your mind, or out loud. Then ask them to help send you some ideas or inspiration that will help you in your life. If you want an idea for a new business or a new area of work, ask them. It could be about what you could study. Simply ask that they show you or "inspire you" within the next few days. An example would be:

"Please angels, I welcome you and I ask that you help me by sending me new ideas that could improve my life or bring in new revenue for me. I am open to receive new inspirations from my angels and guides right now."

Some people might start to get ideas or hear the angels talking, or see images. Use your pad to write these down. Write down all the impressions you get because you will forget some of them if you don't. If you don't get ideas straight away, this is normal so be patient and open to receive new ideas in the next few days.

Step 5: Keep your mind open. The ideas that come to you might be something you would never have thought of in a million years. Ask yourself, can I do this and do I want to do it? The angels will show you things that you will enjoy and are capable of succeeding with. If you feel resistant to what you are shown, then you are free to ignore it. Only do what feels right to you. However, many cool ideas can come using the angels.

If you should feel you did not get any ideas or messages at all, then maybe you are not ready yet for a new idea or you do not need one yet. That is okay too; try again in a few months.

Step 6: Thank your angels! This is important because angels have feelings too. Feel real gratitude for them and let them know you appreciate the ideas that came to you. If you want more from them, now is a good time to ask them to bring more Light into your life. Light is uplifting and helps to transform us in good ways.

Good luck with your angels and may you receive useful and inspired ideas.

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