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What Are Incarnated Angels?

AngelIncarnated angels are not too uncommon, you can spot them because they usually have baby faces that appear angelic, even as they age, and they are more innocent at heart and more childlike. They never let go of their wonder, they are usually playful/mischievous and have a good sense of humour (although they can be very serious also). They may seem like a "light touch" until you talk with them and discover more wisdom and depth than may appear obvious on the surface.

Though they look soft, they have a true warrior/fighting spirit if you scratch the surface, and unusual reserves of strength as well. Just think Archangel Michael's army for one. They are usually more than a little psychic and have a lot of uncommon empathy for all walks of life. They may be attracted to crystals as well. Generally people feel very safe around them because incarnated angels are naturally giving and sympathetic souls, prone to listening, especially the female ones. If they are too giving, angels can commonly experience burn out or exhaustion; this is when they learn to stop being so open and may wisen up despite their first reaction to give and give.

The male incarnated angels are very charming and usually use that charm on women - they have no shyness towards female humans and starseeds, and can be big ol' players to some extent. Other people can indeed find themselves very attracted to those magnetic angels who are, after all, just having fun with their attractive powers. Because of their angelic heritage, they can seem arrogant or over confident, and walk around on Earth as though they own it. I have known several male angels who actually strut - yes, they have no problem doing the strut. (They possess a lovable kind of arrogance that is just natural to them.) Unlike starseeds who feel alien here and can't wait to leave, the angels enjoy Earth, know how to play the game a little too well, and tend to have fun here playing with the inhabitants. Remember though that they are deeply spiritual at heart, even the players who can't seem to help them self.

They are endlessly creative and add to life rather than subtract from it. You will never see one in an office wearing a suit and taking orders from anyone, in my opinion. That would be like taking a five year old, sitting him at a desk and asking him to finish that economics paper - at which point he would laugh at you, turn over the paper to draw a caricature, write a poem or compose a tune. Or she/he may just stare out of the window and go on a daydreaming adventure. They don't care about mainstream, they dance to the beat of their own drum, and don't know the meaning of peer pressure, which they just find humorous.

Angels originate in higher dimensions, and did not evolve in physicality like most other races, who began in lower dimensions and earned their way into higher spheres of existence. Angels always lived in the higher dimensions to begin with, created by God as guides to those who were evolving. Not all angels experience 3D or come to planets like Earth, but those who do seem to excel at it and really enjoy being here as long as life is good to them. Rather than pining for their home dimension, they tend to try to act human to get the most out of it (when in Rome), for it is like a fun holiday for them to play the "human game". Girls, watch out for those lethally charming male angels who seem to come and go again quite quickly (having known several of them) and guys, about female angels - well I've met less of them....I will fill this in if I learn more about them.

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Incarnated Angels

by Epona’Bri and Cindi Wafstet

AngelIncarnated angels are spirits of the angelic realm who incarnate as humans to help people learn something very specific.

Angel Incarnates can have a very short life span. They rarely marry, or marry late in life, although that’s not a given either. Some live longer to experience love, marriage and parenting.

Angels who incarnate as human beings may be here just for a short time with a specific mission or purpose. Awakened angels are here is to experience being human, a human body, to feel pain, joy, vulnerability, and helplessness.

Angels are not superior to humans or another life form. They are just that, another life form.  These people still retain a great deal of their angelic power, assuming they can learn how to access it, and often maintain a close relationship with deity and divinity.

Many incarnated angels are also walk ins, meaning they may not have been born as angel, but one walked in to their body when the time was right. Most incarnated angel walk ins are aware of their multiple souls.

Because angelics are so close spiritually to the creator, then tend to be very creative as people. Communication is often hard for them, so they communicate through music, art or writing. Many angelics are sensitive to light, sound and touch and may also be classified as crystal children.

As far as halo, well, everyone has one of those. It’s the crown chakra just above the top of your head. Angelics tend to have a stronger or overactive crown and third eye chakra and may have weak or underactive base and sacral chakras.

Angelics may also feel confined in their human body, which is one of the lessons they incarnate to learn about. Because of this, their dreams may very often be out of body experiences to ease that restriction.

Angels frequently appear in parallel universes. Our energetic frequency is slightly different; we tend to literally have one foot in two worlds (or more).

Stories of angels appear in just about every religion. And many of those religions will insist that angels will never incarnate, but this isn’t true. We have incarnated to teach and learn since the beginning of time, not only on this planet but many other worlds as well.

Some think that angel incarnates are the so-called fallen angels. Again, this isn’t true. In the spiritual world there is no concept of good or bad. Evil is only in the mind of humankind, and one of the many lessons to learn to overcome. And one of the lessons angels incarnate to learn to understand.

Duties of angel incarnates can include being a teacher, healer, counselor, watcher, guardian or guide. Most angelics have a strong connection to one or more of the known archangels. We are literally spiritual beings striving for an earthly experience.

This work by Epona’Bri and Cindi Wafstet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

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