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Incarnated Angel 14 Signs

Angels engender warm feelings and trust. Do people feel safe around you or want to tell you their problems? Do they think there is something angelic about you? Then you might be an Incarnated Angel.

There are many tell-tale signs that may seem very obvious once you hear them. Firstly, what exactly is an incarnated angel?

baby angelsWhat's An Incarnated Angel?

Angels are created by God, much the same as other kingdoms of nature, such as animals, humans (who are a guardian race), elementals and others. Angels do not need to live in the physical dimension, and usually dwell in higher dimensions made of pure energy. Yet when the need arises, angels - who are quite adventurous - enjoy being born in a human body on earth to carry out a mission.

What is the earth mission? Angels are here and incarnating so that they can help the earth through this difficult time and through the birth pains as our world rises in vibration. We are currently birthing a new earth and the human race is set to become more angelic itself. It is not just angels who are incarnating, but starseeds and elementals are two other groups who are helping out at this time.

14 Signs Of Being An Incarnated Angel

1. Angels have an angelic appearance, usually a soft face that is round or heart-shaped, soft, doe eyes and fullish lips. Their mouths are not overly wide.

2. They have a soft energy. Even if they should have tattoos there will be something about them, even the males, that is reassuring and trustworthy. You may even feel drawn to them. They are naturally non-judgmental for the most part and are good at creating harmony in nearly all situations. They search for win-win results.

3. Angels are quite harmless. They have a built-in instinct of harmlessness, it is distasteful to them to even kill a fly. This is not just empathy towards other living things, it is also a genuine revulsion around killing, and a feeling that all living things are sacred. They do not like to go against their Mother/Father God if it can be helped. They are generally pacifists.

4. They never out grow their childlike wonder. Although it may not be seen as cool, they do like to keep the wonder alive. Life is a miracle and magical. Even the responsible ones with positions of power remain basically childlike, for they can't be otherwise. They are unerringly good at keeping their hearts open despite what is around them.

5.Like elementals, angels are quite playful, but usually in a more gentle way. They are also sensible and down to earth, with their serious side never too far from the surface. They are thoughtful and are thinkers, and never switch this side off.

6.They are naturally giving. People can try to pray on their giving nature so most incarnated angels have to learn to be strong and use the word No. They need to learn to put themself first, which is not their first instinct. Angels love to save others, and also to give. As they grow smarter to earth, they start to give less if they feel they are being targeted or asked to give too much. They will, however, always offer love, even to someone who has harmed them. If they can bring that person back into the light, they will be pleased and try to forget the harm done.

7. Whilst good at giving, angels are famous for having difficulty receiving. This is all too true! They may manifest money problems, or problems finding/receiving love. Some angels do not care about money at all, for this system is foreign to them (there are no banks in heaven). They may regard it suspiciously as a false god and refuse to get caught up in chasing down the dollar. Other angels do like material things, and so can find money very tempting. It will never be their first priority though because 'people' always come first with angels. They can't be any other way because this is how they are wired.
blue angel

8. They have various gifts of healing and will probably be very intuitive or psychic, especially if they develop this. They possess different kinds of empathy, usually for people and animals (but perhaps also for plants and the earth itself). They like to heal by simply being there or listening to anyone in pain or who is lonely. Angels give good advice also, so it is worth listening to them.

9. Angels do not like being a slave on this world. Whilst many people get trapped in dead-end jobs or work purely for security, an angel will not stand for any environment where they aren't growing, learning or helping in a meaningful way. Angels follow their missions and their gut instincts.

10. They tend to ignore many forms of authority (without seeming like they are). As children, this is often the opposite because angels make very well behaved little kids who are polite, quiet even, and well intentioned. Yet as angels become adults, they begin to perceive that most authority is bogus. If an angel does not respect a boss for example, they will quit or else ignore that person. Angels do however respect law enforcement and this kind of authority.

11. Some can be very charming and charismatic, others can be quiet and shy, and observe or act quietly behind the scenes. You will find both introverted and extroverted angels out there.

12. Angels can be found in any kind of job, career or pursuit, except jobs that have no personal interactions - for example data entry is not a job you will ever find an angel. They are good with people, they can be very creative, and love to have jobs that personally help others in some way, for they find this rewarding. Also creative pursuits are loved by them. Writing, singing, counseling, healing or teaching are great jobs for incarnated angels.

13. They can be very good conformers, do what is expected, and say all the right things. Then suddenly, if it suits, they are doing outrageous things like starting a business no one in their right mind would start, or dropping out to go and travel the world. You just never know. They seem to act like perfect citizens, but are never as conformist as they seem. If you question them carefully, you may find that they just like to look and sound like they are conforming, but underneath is a spirit with radical or new ideas, which they tend to keep secret from disapproving eyes.

14. Unlike starseeds, they enjoy living on the earth, often feeling that life is a game that they understand. Unlike elementals, who are often angry at humanity for their treatment of the planet, angels can feel sympathy for humans. Their wish to help them is genuine. They also care greatly for the planet.
Find out about Incarnated Elementals - fairies, elves, pixies, etc. Do you think you might be an incarnated elemental, or someone you know? Read about their traits and characteristics.

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