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What If Heaven Decided To Change Earth?

We have always thought of Earth as "our" realm, the realm of humans to decide to do with as we wish, but what if we were not in charge and instead, a higher power ultimately ran things? What if that power, let's call it God, decided to shake things up and had always had this in mind from the start.

As humans, we are part of a game called "Earth", one we gladly decided to partake in because it was a very exciting plan. We, living here now, were lucky enough to be chosen out of a vast number of souls who wanted to be here. What if the Earth was actually a large experiment, a spiritual test if you like, and we have passed the grade collectively and it is now time to change the game as we know it? This is indeed what the angels are telling us now, and great are the changes that are coming.


Rather than be worried, we are assured that these changes to "our" game (that never was ours) are very wonderful changes indeed! Many people on the Earth are working on these changes, which include a totally new financial system born of NESARA that is unable to be corrupted, along with new government that will also be unable to sink into corruption. It may sound too good to be true. Heaven also plans the widespread release of all the suppressed technologies that will give us instant free energy and we will be rid of energy bills and combustion engines for good, not to mention phasing out all technologies that produce pollution.

Many people have been working behind the scenes for decades to build a new system for our world that is now ready to begin. You may ask why the corrupt, old system was allowed to survive for so long, and that is an excellent question. Originally, the Earth game was given by God over to those who were corrupt, but only for a certain time period. Importantly, it was never meant to be permanent, and nor shall it. Remember that I said the game here was an experiment, a large-scale, galactic, spiritual test that we have now passed.

The test was to give over a world to ruling evil elite, and a deal was struck with a very evil band of beings who wanted to prove that God was not all powerful. They were given the chance to reign on this world, gather what power they wanted, and use what tricks and manipulation they could to move humans over to the dark side and to give up God. Despite their best efforts, humans remain in the light and they still mostly come from their heart centers. Humans won, and God was and is victorious. The evil side lost their challenge and are now being swept off this world rather quickly. The Earth and the population has endured much death, pain and torment all at the hands of a few who created this. Yes, they have manipulated the weather, deliberately destroyed the environment with poison and deforestation, deliberately poisoned us with toxic medicine, chemtrails and toxic food, and basically done as much mayhem as they were allowed.

This Time Was Prophecised

Have you ever noticed that this exact time in History is a very special time, that all the ancient prophecies have pointed to now as the turning point? This has always been Heaven's plan.

We often think of God as being apart from us somehow and not watching, yet the truth is quite opposite. I think we are one of God's favourite experiments, and the Creator is involved constantly, making decrees that pass down through Heaven and the angels. New rules come from God, and they are instantly acted upon. It was God that decreed for example that no nuclear weapons were allowed to destroy our societies, and decreed that technologies were allowed to neutralise such attacks by the sociopathic rulers who have fired off nukes over recent years. This is why we are still here and not blown to kingdom come. By all accounts, God has taken special interest in us, since we represent a lot of different gene pools and cultures and we are quite unique in the cosmos, as we were designed to be.

Changes Are Coming

Things are about to change on this world in a big way, and it was always going to happen. We are seeing the end of one Godly experiment and the start of a new one. There were always only two outcomes for Earth, we would win or we would lose and be destroyed.

The societies we enjoy now were never meant to stay as they are, not according to God, and so vast changes are coming. If we did continue on without radical changes, the planet would be dead in only centuries and life here would not be sustainable. Humans cannot change on their own, we do not seem to possess this ability, so the change is coming to us from outside, but I believe we will like these changes!

I will be writing more about this in coming articles, simply because changes have already started. I mentioned the new financial systems that have already been created and are ready to roll out. There is a piece of law called NESARA that was signed off by Bill Clinton and has waited all of this time to be implemented and become reality; this is how long many of us have watched and waited, and what a difficult wait it has been. I wondered if I would ever see this time eventuate. Many arrests of those in power have been quietly taking place to rid our societies of the main corruption of an elite power structure of criminals that have ruled this world for centuries. We are currently being set free.

The angels and Heaven are now telling us that the new changes are about to roll out, debt slavery is to end forever, and our world is changing in line with God's decrees and being brought back into the fold from out of the wild where we have languished for long ages. We should be proud that despite being raised to think that money was our new God, most of us have stuck to spiritual principals in our hearts and this is what is saving us. There may be some difficult times ahead in terms of turmoil and readjustments, and the physical Earth may go through some readjustments. We are all in the same boat of having to wait and see how exactly all of this plays out.

The Bible talked about a time called the Tribulation and many wonder if that time is now upon us. Perhaps many of us need to experience this tribulation as a last time working off of karma, and I have already discussed that in an article here. I do not have all the answers and can only report what the angels are telling us is ahead. What I do know is big changes are coming, whether it is a form of biblical chastisement followed by a new political/financial system to give us a second chance, this is my best bet as to what is currently occurring. It may be that both of these happen at the same time. As always I trust what the angels tell us and I feel excited to live in these times and finally see the changes begin to roll out, now that all of the delay tactics have run their course. Be set to see a new gold-backed currency replace the old fiat currency that no longer works, and global debt forgiveness for starters, all part and parcel of NESARA and GESARA.

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