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Elementals, Nature Spirits, Devas & Faeries

nature spiritsNature spirits are the higher dimensional spirits that essentially take care of nature, usually unseen by humans. They exist within and on our world and are intelligent, feeling creatures, yet are not human. Like us, some are more intelligent or evolved than others. There are many different types, some that live within the earth, in oceans, or in the wind and upper atmosphere. There are billions and billions of them living and existing in a heirarchy, on a different arch of evolution to humanity.

To protect themselves and their existence, they go about their lives and work without drawing attention to themselves. Perhaps in the past, they used to 'show' themselves more often to humans, but nowadays that would seem foolhardy since we humans have created a rather harsh, aggressive world. We can go our whole life and never catch a glimpse of the elementals, devas and faeries. I'm not sure they think very highly of us since we are systematically destroying the natural world that is their home, and therefore the planet.

Where Do Nature Spirits & Elementals Come From?

It is said that a part of Earth's consciousness came into being to form mankind, and another part went into nature (the animals/insects etc), and yet more of this consciousness went into those elementals who could direct nature, including all the oceans, the air, the earth itself and the mountains. Everything is alive. Unseen, many beings direct what can be seen - and it has been this way since the beginning of earth. Just because we are unfamiliar with these life forms does not mean they do not exist. I am told that there would be instant chaos if they were not here doing their jobs. I think we owe them a lot of thanks for their tireless work and intelligent effort, which allows us humans to enjoy our beautiful word unhindered.

Types Of Elementals & Nature Spirits

faeries elementals There are many kinds of elementals and nature spirits. Some look after the mountains, others the streams, rivers and oceans. Yet others may live inside volcanoes, forests, parks and storms, and the little ones who reside in every garden and who care for the flowers and other plants. We also have our own body deva, that helps maintain the health of our body at any given time. It is incredible to contemplate all of this activity going on that we, as humans, have no inkling of! We don't need to get mystical here and say they can only be found in old, mystical forests - anywhere nature IS, something is watching over it and caring for it.

Mother Nature Herself

Our earth planet is a sentient being, we call her mother earth for a reason; she is our mother. We each live upon her in order to evolve, and so too the animals and other kingdoms of nature. She nurtures all upon her and is a great, wise being with many aspects to her consciousness. The devas and nature spirits arose from her consciousness, and are expressions of her. She is nature itself you could say, she is fire, water and air as well as earth.

The Devas

The devas are the more highly evolved nature spirits who direct the myriad of smaller elementals. Ultimately it is angels who direct or oversee everything beneath, including human evolution, so devas will work with the angels to keep everything working as per the divine plan.

We know that angels do the will of God and are the messengers and directors who carry out God's will to help the rest of humanity stay on track. So too, ultimately the angels direct the natural world as well. Yet when it comes to direct action, it will fall to the devas to run things smoothly. There is an orderly heirarchy.

The elementals joyously carry out their tasks. When humanity dropped its vibration and dropped down a few dimensions into the 3rd dimension, the elementals remained in a higher state. This is why they remain joyful and are not affected by human perceptions and/or beliefs of fear, illusion or lack. Since they did not drop down in dimension as we did, we cannot readily see them unless they show themselves to us.

Elementals of Earth, Air, Water & Fire

There are different nature spirits that care for different aspects of this creation. The earth and water spirits have no wings, but the air and fire ones do. We call the earth elementals gnomes, air we call slyphs, water are undines and fire are the salamanders.

What each of these beings do is to act as go-betweens with the physical plane and the etheric and astral planes, facilitating transfers of energy and stepping down energies to be used in the physical. Part of their tasks is cleansing and clearing energies, from heavier to lighter, transforming energy back to its higher forms.

Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, Sprites & Others

fairy Fairies are well known and are a favourite in children's stories and movies. We know they are small and friendly folk who somewhat resemble humans and who live in gardens and nature.

There are many categories of nature beings and I hope to write more on these different groups soon. Not all nature spirits resemble humans so closely. We even have our own deva called our body deva that helped our body to grow and to maintain it.

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