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Warnings of Chastisement and Karma

Perhaps as a psychic, I have been more aware of God's laws, knowing things intuitively regarding when humanity is going against God. I have wondered for much of my life, watching certain parts of civilization sink into immorality and degenerate behaviour and wondering why no one else spoke of this or indeed seemed to even notice. The signs of Chastisement have been around for decades and even now in the very end times, how is this still not obvious?

Chastisement is actually Divine Discipline and it occurs much like Karma occurs, in fact I believe the two are versions of the same thing. There are many who don't believe in God but still may believe in Karma. The Bible talks so much about Karma in terms of "Chastisement" that comes to one who goes against God's plan. Such behaviour as murder and harming others and the earth will reap severe spiritual and physical consequences. Mankind makes it own laws and we must remember that our laws are not the same as God's plan. The Bible is quite clear that immoral behaviour flies in the face of the divine, yet on Earth immoral behaviour is not considered bad (anymore!) and some even promote it as a good thing. Take Miley Cyrus for example spreading her "twerking" whilst wearing two horns on her head. I suppose if we give such behaviour a cute name it is okay. We just desensitize to it, allow our kids to be exposed to it, and it begins to become a normal part of our society. I think the Almighty has something to say about this...and through Chastisement we may find out what.

Decades ago, I was aware that such immorality leads to the swift ending of ANY society/civilization. Of course it has happened before, considering the great Roman Empire - a society that had orgies out on the streets; and what about the legendary Atlantis, which entirely degenerated into something dark and foul before it was wiped off the earth in a huge flood (the Biblical Flood). I do not think God was happy at all about what they were doing, and He made His point, as is His want.

It has all happened again, right now we are living to see it in the last days. Today I was reading about a new show in Britian coming out called Sex Box in which a couple will climb into a box and have sex in front of the studio audience, then climb out again to discuss their sex with a live panel. This is sure to spread to other countries like America and Australia unless I am very mistaken. Of course many will not even raise an eyebrow at this sort of new show, heck people might even find it revolutionary, for this is a planet ignorant and out of control.

I have researched this "Chastisement" of the Bible. Just like with Karma, it can be received as an individual, or as a Nation. The Bible actually has a lot to say about it, so we are not able to pretend we weren't warned. I am going to quote pieces from as this is extremely eye-opening and, it seems, we are quite along the way already in our chastisement as nations and a planet.

Divine Discipline For A Nation

It helps a nation if some of the citizens still believe in the Lord, as this alone can help reduce the chastisement the nation goes through. The more "good" people who are God-fearing in nature, the better the lot of the nation. Supposedly, when a nation hits a certain level of degeneracy, things are not good for the whole nation, and can go downhill very, very quickly.

"The key is this: in order for a nation to survive there must be freedom and morality. These are vital for the preservation of national integrity and for the maintaining of the Divine Institutions of volition, marriage, family, and nationalism.

There must be freedom so that the Word of God can be taught clearly and every citizen be given a chance to decide on issues of salvation and Christian living."

There are, believe it or not, five distinct stages or phases set out in the Bible that describe God's increasing Chastisement as things go from bad to worse. The idea is that God loves us so much that, at a certain point, when we are no longer growing according to His Plan, he must step forth and set us back upon a righteous path. This brings to mind his Angels from Revelation, for if you remember, it is the Angels who blow the trumpets and bring all the destruction to Earth, it is under God's direct orders. Sobering, don't you think?

The Five Cycles of Discipline - Leviticus 26

"When a nation at first very subtly begins to drift away from the Lord, indicated by a laxness in morality in many of its citizens and an indifference to the Word of God, the Lord begins the discipline with relatively gentle reminders in the form of a loss of peace, a reduction in prosperity, and so forth. At the other end of the scale, God allows the complete destruction of a nation which has defiantly ignored all levels of discipline."

As you can see, it seems to work as warnings given to mankind which can be heeded or ignored. We are given every chance to change. When we collectively wander so far from God and become so wrapped up in ourself and materialism, we can fail to hear the warnings at all. So to have us listen, God makes his warnings increasingly louder. We cannot escape chastisement by claiming ignorance, this does not work on God. By sitting back and allowing others to make society more evil, and by doing nothing, we are still made subject to the same chastisement. Those who are more Godly or moral in nature, may be given messages and intuition that leads them away from harm, for according to scripture God protects his own.

Stage two of the Chastisement includes loss of national prestige and honour, a cessation of God's grace provision for the nation, and a great barrenness in the land. It worries me that nations are being lied to and perhaps do not realise the lack of national prestige that abounds. If we look at the BRICS Alliance, we see over a hundred nations as it stands today who are turning their back on trading with US Dollars. The prestige is well and truly gone, but do we ever hear about BRICS on the news? It is the biggest story around.

Stage three, according to includes "great plagues, no control over natural enemies, a general inability to subdue the earth, the death of children, and the beginnings of great desolation among the people." This has not happened yet, and let us pray that it does not ever happen, for we are still in time to change this. This would seem to be the phase we are heading into if we are not careful. We had a close shave with Ebola already, and nature is erratic and seems to be more against us in recent decades. Stage 4 and 5 do not bear thinking about:

"In verses 23-26 chastisement becomes severe, with increased attacks by enemies, invasions by foreign powers. There is extreme economic adversity and poor productivity, even in the production of necessities, resulting in famine. Some national sovereignty remains, but invaders have ever-widening influence in all areas of life. There are increases in plagues and disease.

The fifth cycle of discipline involves complete loss of personal and national sovereignty, the destruction of the family and the nation. Offerings to God are unacceptable. Nations which have undergone this destruction have experienced slavery, cannibalism, and the assimilation of its surviving citizens into other cultures."

The last part is too awful to contemplate, and is basically what occurs in Revelation. There are so many prophesies and signs in the sky and earth that these are indeed the end times, my angels tell me this is true - yet they also say we have a chance to turn it around. Some people may think it is harmless fun to just have a little look at the new show Sex Box, after all everyone else will watch and it is just harmless fun. People already watch Naked Dating or whatever that show is called, oh it is all so harmless. Or is it an unacceptable slide into the worst immorality? This is the test for humans, will we once again do as we have in so many other past civilisations and sink down to base levels to the point where we must receive Chastisement?

I suppose many people will not understand what I am truly talking about, or pretend to not understand, but we all know deep down that this is the grand spiritual test, and we are failing. Hopefully, enough Godly people remain who will lift up the others and help avoid the worst stages of Divine Discipline, Karma or Chastisement. We are seeing, in the terrorist atrocities (that come from those behind the Muslims), a glimpse of the new Earth we are entering into and this is not an accident. We must pass the spiritual test and get God back on side, on our side and demonstrate that we don't need any more chastisement. Just like small children who behave badly, the only way God can grab mankind's attention is to punish until we can get the message and return to creating Godly lives and societies. We are not separate from our Creator and it is no good pretending that we are.

We are previewing what is to come and much worse if we don't turn back to God and the angels, for there are very satanic forces that are encouraging immorality just so that we are open for our own destruction. Let's not be deceived that bad is the new good - it isn't, it is still as bad as ever.

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