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How To Call Angels & Ask Questions

Its easy to call in our angels and invoke help from them of all kinds. We all have an Angel Team around us who are ready to jump into action at our request. Calling is easy.

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It is a spiritual and metaphysical fact that when you call on angels, they are ready and waiting to offer aid and answers. Angels never ignore requests because they are God's direct way to protect and keep us on track. God is never further than our own angels.

You only need say, "Angels, I call on you now". You can even say this mentally or silently and they will still respond. You can ask them for a sign that they are listening, and you may feel their warmth, or you may see angel feathers in your mind, or feel love coming from nowhere. Perhaps you feel tingles, or they apply a little jolt your hand. If they don't provide a sign immediately they will probably find a time when you are more relaxed, and surprise you with a heavenly feeling washing over you. The angels are there; they always respond to our call.

Good Questions To Ask

You may need to experiment with what questions are easy for angels to answer and which ones are more difficult. Questions that require a yes or no answer may be more difficult, in which case using Tarot Cards or Angel Cards may be an easier option. Below are some examples you could try:
  • What is my path in life in terms of career (or study)?
  • Will I succeed at (so and so) if I pursue it?
  • What is my future at this company?
  • How will this relationship work out for me?
  • How can I better develop psychically/spiritually?
  • Will this house/car/etc purchase work out well for me?
  • What is my next step in life/relationships/etc?

6 Steps To Asking Angels Questions

Angels know that we are inquisitive beings, for we are just like them only our souls are younger. They know that we have questions from time to time. Below are some steps one can take to ask questions of our guardian angels and spirit guides.

1. Take a moment to become clear
on what you want to ask them. Also, ask only one question at a time on just one topic. You can always discuss other topics at another time if needed.

2. Relax fully and clear the mind. Take a few deep breathes to calm yourself. Let go of any other issues that might be clouding your mind. Close the door and make sure there are no interruptions.

3. Send your request out to the angels. This is just as it sounds, ask away. You can do this out loud or silently in the mind. You can even write your question down on a piece of paper in front of you. Be specific. Don't be afraid of asking the hard questions.

4. For faster answers, Meditate. Sit quietly and let your mind become still and receptive so that your answer can just drift from the angels into your awareness. They will attempt to place it gently in your mind. Don't try to force a response but learn to wait and 'listen'. Angels can answer questions by showing images, speaking softly, or showing an answer in your mind. With practice, this form of sensing can become stronger the more we use and trust it. Trust your angels and have an open mind as to what the answer may be.

5. Be open to messages and signs. Angels communicate using signs, numbers, animals, and through other people, books, radio or almost anything. Being sensitive to signs and messages means simply waiting and watching. Our intuition will always back us up when a messages arrives. Listen carefully to friend's advice because they may be inspired by angels to say something.

6. Give angels your thanks. We must show gratitude in return for the angels. They have given us their energy and care, so now it is our turn to let them know how grateful we are. You can say thanks or send them a kiss, whatever you like.

Have fun with your questions to angels!

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