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Ask Angels To Bring A "Love Connection"

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Who knows more about love than our angels, who are love in action? There is no one better to talk to when we are looking to meet a new person to share a love connection with. There are a few rules we need to follow to facilite the angels to help us find love, and below we run though some of the things that can help us manifest the love that we envision.

There is always a type of *divine timing* in play when we work on finding a partner, and the angels make full use of this divine timing (which can differ from our own human timing). Angels watch over us and, when we are deemed perfectly ready, the angels are enabled to lead us to a meeting with a wonderful person. If we are not in a good place mentally, emotionally or spiritually, the angels may not open the doors to such a meeting since it would likely not be time for success. This article provides hints on ways to prepare ourself and also understand how the angels work in helping us to find love.

1. Be Clear On What You Want


In order to find what we want in another person, we must first be completely crystal clear on precise qualities we are looking for. We also need to keep this in the positive, i.e. we may be looking for honesty but might think of it negatively as "no more lying scum". To think in such terms can attract the negative, so remember the power of positivity when doing this exercise. It may sound obvious but many of us jump headlong into relationships with people when we can already see the traits that we don't need - we already know the relationship won't work but we waste time on it anyway because we are not completely clear in ourself regarding what we truly want.

The best way to be particularly clear on what we desire in a love partner (or a new friend or business partner) is to write a list of qualities. For all exercises of this type we need only consider what we do want in a person and list these down. By giving this the thought required, we become crystal clear in our intent and so are able to be open to meet the exact right person with the exact right qualities.

Sometimes we forget to focus on an important quality, then attract someone exactly as per our list. We are successful at "ordering" our person, only our order isn't quite right. Our list may specify we want intelligence, a sense of humour, and someone who has good employment. We meet someone with all of these qualites only to discover they like to cheat. Do not worry, thank the universe for your experience because you now know to put loyalty on your new list. With your next go, you will more easily attract a loyal person if you are positively seeking this trait, for you will be able to weed out the cheating ones if they should cross your path.

2. Positive Attitude

Couple On BeachIt is very important to lift ourself into a positive state of being in order to attract someone else who is positive. Sometimes we complain because all we can find are losers, downers or people without a good future, yet do we ourself radiate joy and positivity? It is not that we need to be endlessly happy in life, but in terms of new beginnings it is easier to find success in all things when those things are begun on a positive note.

Many people don't like to hear this because they may yearn for another to 'complete' them, or lift them up. However, it is always best to work on our own issues first before the angels can bring us a partner who is also attractively positive in outlook. Times when we are drained of energy are not the best times to do the work of attracting another. We may need to recharge ourself or change our own life first by finding a positive job that can satisfy us, or moving into a more positive environment, or working out our finances, and only then looking around for love. Also, we may need to come to terms with our past and let it go completely before the angels rush in to help introduce us to that someone new. When we have a clean slate, having completed past issues, we are much more likely to be open to a new start and begin it on a really positive note.

We must also keep in mind that our future partner may be currently processing their own stuff and it may be they who is not quite ready to meet us yet. As long as we keep living our life, seeking and growing, we can't go wrong whilst we wait for a meeting to occur.

3. Performing A Ceremony

For some, a ceremony can help them to focus their intent and send a very sure message to their angels. Whilst a ceremony isn't needed, it can aid those who are unsure if their message is being heard. Ceremonies and ritual can certainly have power when done with intent as they are a way that we can program ourself and our subconscious. Such a ceremony to attract love could be as simple as tidying and then cleaning our home, cleansing our energetic field, then lighting a red, pink or white candle and reading out loud our list of qualities we are seeking in a new mate. We may read something we prepared earlier such as a prayer or angel request. Some people may prefer to simply meditate and speak to their angels. Some may even prepare by taking a picture of an old love and burning it to release that person back into the dating pool, or throwing away objects associated with an old love that is over. All of these definitely help to clear one's aura and to state our intents.

4. Calling On Angels Of Love

Some people like to call upon specific angels to help them on their journey of finding a new mate. Many sources list all kinds of angels who can help to bring love into our lives. It makes sense that there is no definitive list or "must ask" angel to call on because any angel can help us with this issue. I reply on my own guardian angels. For those who like to call upon the Archangels, its widely suggested to call upon Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Cassiel, Jophiel and even Michael.

5. For Our Highest Good

When we are yet inexperienced with love, it is a given that we will probably make all kinds of mistakes upon the journey of finding real love. We need to first experiment before we become good at weeding out the undesirables. So mistakes will always happen and we need to see those as lessons so that we can forget and move on. Any bad experience in love can ultimately occur for our highest good, and it makes us that much more experienced in love. Forgive and forget is a good motto so that we can move on swiftly from our mistakes and aim higher in the love game.

6. Important: After Asking, "Let Go"....

Once we have asked for heavenly help and stated clearly what we want, it is vital to let go of the request and relax, even though that is often the opposite of what we feel like doing. When we want something so desperately, we set up an energetic barrier that pushes against the thing we want from coming to us. It is only when we genuinely let go of wishing and let go of fighting to get what we want, that it can calmly flow to us and actually reach us. When we constantly demand from the universe or focus on our problems or lack of money, we energise the problem to continue. But when we relax and allow a solution to come to us, in a peaceful state of faith, it can simply flow to us naturally.

7. Love Affirmations

A good idea is to combine asking angels with using affirmations. To read some great affirmations for love, go Here. Wishing you good luck finding love.

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