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Therapy With Archangel Raphael

Angels are experts at healing and can definitely help us to heal on all levels, not just the physical. The most famous of the healing angels is Archangel Raphael, and he may be called upon to come at a moments notice, examine us and choose the best way to ease our pains or heal our soul. Sometimes the best kind of healing can be emotional or on a much deeper level. We can tire simply through ordinary living, and through difficult times we can become bone tired, injured or need a little help. This is where the angels can step in.

Can Angels Perform Miracles?

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Honestly that depends on the person wanting the miracle and where they are at. When a healing miracle, or in fact any miracle happens to us, we choose on a deeper level for it to occur. This may sound strange but at the very crux of any issue, we are in the driver's seat spiritually speaking. We are in control, even when we are not aware of it. Sometimes it is time for us to leave the planet, and often we choose to do this through illness. When our time is over and we have finished what we came for, it is then time for us to return to the higher dimensions from where we came. Nothing can stop such an illness as this when the illness is simply doing its job.

Then there are times when we need to stay on Earth, we have more to accomplish or learn, and then it is very possible to heal disease or injury. This has happened to me where I was very lucky to survive a life threatening issue. To me this felt like a miracle, yet I did not pray for it or bring in the angels. Why? Because I knew I had to survive it myself and accept the changes it brought with it, beneficial changes. Illness may sometimes have some kind of reason for being. We can go inside ourself and try to work this out. Is it karma working its way out? Do we need to change deeply in some way? Or were we a victim of bad medicine or something else that made us sick? There are at times lessons to learn from illness, and once we have learned it, the miracle happens and the illness ceases.

To answer the question about angelic miracles, they can happen if it is right in that particular timing. We often don't know if it is possible until it happens.

How Angels Heal

Angels heal using very high vibrational energy. They have their own science that we are not yet aware of on Earth. They can see our energy bodies and can see inside of our physical body and can help to heal us as they see fit. In order to be healed by angels, we need to ask them first. So have a chat with your angels and ask if they, or another angel, can heal you of what pains you. You can meditate or lie down and rest if you like and see what happens.

In truth, angels work on us each and every night; we have our own healing team with us taking care of us. Another option is to visit a Reikiist, or Reiki master who can channel healing energy. Sometimes our angels can simply tell us what to do to gain health, and we can hear their advice in our minds. If you want to go to the 'big guy' of healing, you can invoke Archangel Raphael, the expert in healing, and he will always respond to your genuine call for help.

Archangel Raphael

raphaelHis colour is emerald green, a healing light that surrounds those who he heals, you may see or feel this when he is helping you. Some people even see sparkles or flashes of emerald green when he is there.

The best thing you can do after calling him in is to let go of the process and trust that he is doing what he can for you. He can also help our animal friends so don't forget to call him when an animal is sick or injured; he will rush to help. He can even lead us to other health professionals with the right experience. Healing does not always need to be angelic, it can come in the form of human healing, or reading about something in a book.

After asking for angelic help, be open to what occurs, and avoid set expectations. My advice is go with the flow, maybe he will come and go again and we might not even be aware of the healing received, or he might come back and heal us during sleep. Just trust the angels and relax.

Note: Always see the proper medical professional for any medical issues. Angel healing should never take the place of proper medical care.

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