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How To Ask Angels For Guidance

It is not as difficult as one may suppose to request and receive guidance from our angels as we All have an angel team around us from birth (in fact before birth).

One of the jobs tasked to angels is to provide Guidance to us - yes to you and I! Angels are created by God to give divine help and advice, and in fact, it is one of their favourite things to do. So no one needs fear that angels aren't going to be helpful or aren't going to provide. Sometimes we just have to get out of the way of our own doubts and let that angelic guidance come through loud and clear.

white angelKinds Of Guidance

Literally, your angels can guide you in ANY area you can imagine or think up. Think of the angels as experts. When we become experts ourself in any field, we attract angels who are also experts in this same area. Or if we want information or guidance on a subject we are not sure of, we instantly attract just the right angels for that.

We can request guidance in love, finances, employment, study, hobbies, or to help us navigate through our issues - be those issues emotional, physical or mental.

Angels are equipped to help us with any issue we have and guide us on our next step. We all need advice sometimes and angels are an infinite and abundant resource we can tune into. As a bonus, they also care about us. We can learn to trust our angels and have a friendly relationship with them as they are not so different from us.

7 Steps To Ask For Guidance & Advice

1. First take a moment to become clear on what you want to ask them. Clarity is important so that we can understand the message when it is given. If we are unclear, or ask too many questions at once, we may not know what our message is referring to. So pick one issue or topic to begin with and stay with it for a moment or two in order to be Crystal Clear about what you want to know.

2. Relax fully before you begin. You don't have to rush this process, presuming this is your first time. Take a few deep breathes and remind yourself that the angels are loving beyond words. Release any little doubts you may have and just let go and enjoy the process.

3. Send your request out to the universe. You have already achieved clarity and cleared your doubts, so now simply ASK. You can ask for advice out loud or mentally in your mind - either way, you are heard. If you feel it, you can have a chat with the angels and explain the surrounding circumstances if it will help you. They already know where you are coming from and why you are asking.

I find it helpful, if I am asking the angels to intervene on a dangerous or difficult situation, to plead on my own behalf. For example, someone won't leave me alone and I ask that the angels help find a solution or move that person on. I have found such requests to be answered, often in a very karmic fashion. In these cases, it is actually helpful to tell the angels why this person should be dealt with, especially when there is nothing that can be done within the law. It can work a charm and the person is often removed by life or moved on. So plead your case where you feel that will produce even more help from the angels. Pleading may lead to extra dispensations from angels.

4. Write down your request. This is not necessary but is another option if you feel you need to make the request more concrete or solid. Some people feel more reassured if they formally put their request or plea into writing. After you have, put it in a nice place and leave it there. You could put it into an envelope and place it in a special place in your home. If you stuff the letter into a messy drawer like you don't care about it, you may lose some power to it. Be respectful of the angels. You can place it next to your bed as well and reread it before sleep, although this isn't strictly necessary.

5. If needed, meditate on the request. Meditation can bring instant results in terms of guidance or having a specific question answered. Go into your meditation and pose your question. Then simply become receptive or empty so that you can let an answer just come or drift into your awareness. Do not try to force a response but learn to wait and 'listen'. Angels can answer questions by showing images, hearing soft words, or just suddenly knowing an answer in your mind. At first you may doubt if this is real, but with practice this form of sensing becomes stronger the more we use and trust it. Trust your angels and have an open mind as to what the answer may be.

6. Be open now to messages and signs. Angels communicate using signs, through other people, books, radio or almost anything. Being sensitive to signs and messages means simply waiting and watching.

Our intuition tells us when something we hear or see is a message. It is usually hard to ignore angels' messages, which are unique to us and our situation.

So try not to be impatient and see what 'comes along' or drops into your lap. It could be the answer you have been asking for.

7. Thank your angels. Always remember to be gracious, even if the message or guidance isn't exactly what you were expecting. Do consider it because it may be gold once you understand it fully. Give a hug or a thanks to your dear angels for going to the effort and care of helping you. You now have angel helpers on your side whenever you need some guidance, support or possibly direct advice.

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