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How To Ask Angels For Protection

Its easy to get protection from Angels when we know how to ask. This protection is extremely fast and happens instantly without any delay. When we need protection or intervention quickly, angels can provide. Angel protection is not always automatic so we need to request it since angels follow the laws of Non-Intervention. If we want to be specially protected, first we ask and when we do, everything changes - they are allowed to step in on our behalf. It is not as difficult as one may suppose to request protection from angels as we all have an angel team around us from birth looking over us and our best interests.

white angelKinds Of Protection

Our angels can protect us in almost any area we can imagine or think up. Think of them as experts. When we feel fear in any form from mild anxiety, worry, and up to chronic fear, our angels can step in immediately and help to balance us and remove the fear. Fear is held in the mind but our angels can bring us back from this state. Once we begin to calm down and start thinking rationally we can often see that most fear we feel is unnecessary or illusory.

Is it a fear regarding our future or plans not working out? Do we fear losing our job, our home or something of this nature? When we stop for a second and connect to our angels, these kinds of fears often cool down and we can gain a rational advantage over them. Stop and ask yourself why are you afraid? Go down to a deeper level and look at those fears. A fear is here to teach us something about ourself. We need to look at it then decide who is going to be masterful here, this irrational fear or us? Aren't we the one who steers our life.

Immediate Fears - Call Archangel Michael

One angel who is brilliant in the face of any kind of immediate danger is Archangel Michael. Your merely need to whisper his name if in any danger and he will help you immediately if he can. This is who you would call if in a road accident, or if your plane is plummeting out of the sky. Angels will turn up and show you they are there. When we ask, they come immediately.

Angels are beings who exist in multiple dimensions, and this means they live outside the timeline and outside our physical dimenion. This is how they can arrive immediately when we call them. They are rather fluid and time is never an issue to them. They can slow time down from where they are and perform feats that seem amazing to us. What we find incredible is quite easy for them. We do not have to worry that we are taking up their precious time or such nonsense because we are very important and their role is to protect us. Of course they will show up.

Many people have reported angels who came to them during difficulties on the road. At times when we veer off course, or another car is coming at us, quickly pray for angelic help. You can simply say, "Michael", or "Angels please help me." There are many stories of cars that have moved out of the way of each other miraculously, or a car that stops before it crashes.

People may sometimes hear an angelic voice speak to them directly in their mind, or a disembodied voice that assures them that all is okay. Sometimes Michael may appear as a blue light that is at such a scene, and even sometimes people report they may see a person who even stops to talk to them, and then just disappears into space again afterwards. When you need angelic help and call for them, you never know what is going to happen.

Many people have a deep love for the angels. They may have a small alter to them in their house, or perhaps a picture on their wall. Many people talk to angels as well, including them in their life. These people always have plenty of angels around who may speak back to them, show them signs, or place a hand on the shoulder when they are sad or upset. These are the people who angels will talk to because they feature strongly in their lives.

Times When You Need Angelic Help

Below are some instances when calling on angels can be very essential:
  • If you are alone at night for any reason and fear for your protection. Michael will prevent anyone from approaching or harming you.
  • If the weather is bad and you are driving on slippery roads or in a storm.
  • During any kind of accident and you have a split second to call for an angel, such as driving, flying or other accidents that can cause injury.
  • When you go on holiday and wish for your home to be kept safe. Ask the angels to keep your home free of burglars or other issues.
  • Before surgery of any kind, ask the angels to help out and make sure all goes as well as possible.
  • You can ask the angels for any kind of protection at any time. You will feel immediately better once you have, knowing they are now allowed to help you.
Recently, the steering wheel on my car got locked when I put the wrong key into it, and I could not drive the car or start it. I went into a panic. Some small part of me thought about angels and I thought of Michael and I prayed. I don't do this often as usually I am quite safe. It was however a short walk home and I googled what I could do to fix it. When I walked back again, a man had parked next to me and he needed a jump start. He walked right up to me to ask. I smiled and told him if he could start my car then I would jump start him. Well, he immediately got the wheel moving again and my car started. I was amazed that I didn't even have to ask for help; my helper was waiting there for me! Then I remembered Michael! Wow - he really knew how to get me going again, it was amazing.

Try this yourself when you get stuck and panic, or in an emergency. I even forgot that I had asked for angelic help. It worked a treat, thank you so much Archangel Michael.

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