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Who Are The Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters, friends of many psychics, are a benevolent type of being that are, losely speaking, comparable to angels though with different origins (see more about this below). Many are familiar with the famous masters who work tirelessly to help raise humanity into higher consciousness. Some of the masters may be known to you by name, like Mother Mary, Maitreya or Kuthumi (pictured below). The masters dwell in higher dimensions but sometimes allow for their images to be photographed where we can see their pure spirit. In my article here, I provide a list of the masters which is well worth seeing, as well as pictures for each of them.

KuthumiMother MaryMaitreya

What Are They Masters Of?

These evolved spiritual beings are called "Masters" due to their self-mastery over their lower natures. This refers to their emotional and mental natures and having evolved beyond being controlled by such. This is similar to what humanity is learning right now. As humans evolve over the millennia, we become increasingly more masterful over our own lower natures and therefore rise spiritually over each lifetime we live.

Origins Of The Ascended Masters

These Masters began as beings similar to humans in many ways, with many of the same foibles that humans struggle with. In other words, they evolved through the lower dimensions of physicality just as humans are now doing. They do not  come from our earth planet, as they are older than us and come from older or more evolved worlds. There are many such worlds that are in fact more advanced than our own civilization, both spiritually and technologically. Masters from these older civilizations offer help to younger planets as part of God's plan, to help us grow in accordance with Love. One such master was Jesus Christ, and another was Buddha, as well as many others too numerous to name.

Overcoming Ego And Ascending

After many long eons of time, they grew to a stage where they learned to master the lower ego self and thus "ascend". Ascension is a tricky concept that basically covers ascending in both consciousness and also dimension. We are currently in a third dimension reality (3D) heading swiftly into a 5D reality here  on Earth. Our race is where they used to be many long eons ago. This explains why these beings are so keen to help us as we evolve, and why they feel our growing pains so keenly on all levels. They are like kindly uncles or aunts who hover around us unseen and provide assistance on many levels of life, yes much like spirit guides but even more so as they help drive the direction of humanity on a mass scale.

Right now, the Masters are very active on the world stage, and have been for millennia, being behind most of the innovations, inventions and peace programs initiated on Earth for the benefit of mankind. Yet, importantly, they have mostly worked behind the scenes from higher dimensions until now, where they are channeling through to our world more than ever as more and more people slowly wake up to their existence. For those just waking, they wish to greet you with a resounding Hello!

Much like angels, the Ascended Masters serve God, and this is how they evolve - by holding the hand of God. Their origins may be galactic but they are our brothers and sisters in the Light, and quite literally they are made of finer material than us, closer to pure light substance.


Why Are Ascended Masters Here?

Essentially they are here to help humanity in all ways that are most needed at any one time. The Earth is in much need of help at this point in history because much has been altered from God's Plan, and this era marks a time when things are to be put straight again. A time of Disclosure is coming that will reveal the many untruths that humanity has lived by artificially for years under programs of manipulation, suppression of technologies, and programs of control that have reigned recently - this is all to soon end.

How Do Masters Differ From Angels?

To put things into perspective, let's compare the Ascended Masters to the Angelic Kingdom. Angels and Archangels were originally created right from creation's inception to be quite evolved, meaning angels began in the higher dimensions and did not have to work/evolve their way up. This is because God made the angels for a specific purpose that is different from other beings in the Universe.

Angels have always overseen other creations like we humans, who are also angelic in nature. Angels may incarnate in human form and often do. We call them incarnated angels or earth angels, a term made popular by Doreen Virtue, who has written some handy booklets about angels. Ascended Masters and other beings, including elementals, may also incarnate as human. When a star being incarnates on Earth, we call them starseeds. There are millions of starseeds currently present on Earth to see her through the tempest that is modern times. By being present on Earth, starseeds help to anchor light energy in ever increasing quantities and this in turn helps the Earth to ascend just like the beings upon her.

Personally, and perhaps because I don't channel nearly enough, I can't readily tell the difference between an angel or Ascended Master. They both share the characteristics of immense love, divinity, wisdom, authority, lots of humour and are about getting the job done. In the whole of the universe, there are probably billions or trillions of them, and some of these are caring for our world right now from space and higher dimensions. Some of the more famous masters include St Germain, Kuthumi, El Moyra, Maitreya and the list goes on. They will form an important part in our future as their roles become more publicly known.

More and more I shall be posting some of the Ascended Masters messages in my blog. There are currently thousands of channels who are bringing through their messages of hope and love so there is no shortage of messages to read online. My favourite website that has all of the best channellings, by all of my favourite masters is

Follow this link to see a list of Ascended Masters with Pictures and Descriptions.

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