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Ascended Masters List - Part 2

This list covers such Ascended Masters as Jesus to Mary Magdalene, each with their history, description and other aliases. To see the Ascended Masters List - Part 1, describing such masters as Buddha, El Morya, Hilarion, etc, please click here.

Ascended Masters vary in experience and the offices they hold. Most of them are expanded beings that are, in fact, a conglomerate of many individualised beings. We give them a name, i.e. St Germain - though the name represents a highly specialised group of beings. We tend to think of them as "one" personality, yet they are collectives of souls that have reached oneness.

Jesus Christ

Jesus ChristThe master we know of as Jesus was an incarnation of the Ascended Master Sananda. In fact, the masters admit that the Jesus project contained three masters working together, all of whom projected part of their consciousness into the man known as Jesus. Many people are aware of the Sananda connection, yet two of his good friends were also a part of it; AA Michael and St Germain.

According to the masters, the word Christ is a title rather than a name. All of the masters have reached Christhood (in other words they have ascended). Some reach it whilst on earth, others ascend from higher dimensions. To become "Christed" is a very high initiation upon the path to God, and is achieved through complete mastery of the lower threefold self, thus allowing one's personality to become subjugated by their own Higher Christ Self. This is very rare on this world. Jesus, as mankind's Saviour, came as an example to show how this is achieved; in other words, he acted as "the Way, the Truth, and the Life".

We are "saved" by returning to our own Higher Self. The master Jesus, through this particular lifetime, gave humanity a chance to evolve towards a more spiritual nature and his lifetime as Jesus was a spectacular success in helping mankind.


Lord Krishna is one of the main four Indian Avatars. He is said to be the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, and is made famous in the Bhagavad Gita, a book that is a dialogue between Krishna and his student Arjuna, the warrior. This holy book teaches how to reach enlightenment, meant for the serious student of ascension. It is a very wise book coded for those who are on the cusp of initiation. Many truths are spoken esoterically in this book. Written between fifth and second centuries B.C., Krishna is still celebrated today by Hindus the world over.


KuthumiKuthumi or Koot Humi, is a very advanced master. He is the Chohan (Lord) of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom, which is the ray of Teaching. He belongs to the Second Ray "Brotherhood of the Golden Robe" which promotes spiritual advancement and enlightenment of the human race. He takes responsibility for all the spiritual and religious movements on this world for our upliftment and education.

Along with other masters, he was involved with founding the Theosophical Society and Summit Lighthouse, and he still channels today many messages and works endlessly to forward the thinking of humanity towards what is real over the illusion that humanity so loves. He has an etheric retreat situated above Machu Picchu.

He shares the title of World Teacher with Jesus, although he will eventually take on this responsibility entirely. This position was formerly held by Maitreya. He ascended during his last earthly incarnation where he was known as Koot Humi Lal Singh, an Indian Kashmiri Prince of the 19th Century. His other incarnations of note include Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (1479-1425 B.C.), Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II (1279-1213 B.C.), Pythagoras the great Greek mathematician, Saint John, and Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 A.D.) Some say that he will return to earth to walk amongst us as an Avatar.

Lady Nada

Lady NadaThe Ascended Master Lady Nada is the Chohan (Lord) of the Sixth Ray of Peace, Ministration and Service. This ray is purple/ruby/gold. She champions the cause of Divine Justice and as such, she is a member of the Karmic Board where she represents the third ray. She is known for her compassion.

She embodies Love in all its forms and helps to bring together twin flames. Through the sixth ray we learn that it is through service to all life that we evolve and ascend our selves.

She is the Twin Flame of Sananda (Jesus) and embodied as Mary Magdalene in that lifetime, being an equal to Jesus. Today, she brings through many messages that are loving and practical. Lady Nada’s etheric retreat is situated over Saudi Arabia. She is incarnated on this world right now as Kathryn E. May, a channel for the masters. Her website is
The Above picture is from the Ascended Masters Oracle deck.

Lady Portia

Lady PortiaPortia is the Ascended Master who represents the Seventh Ray on the Karmic Board, which decides how best to balance the karma of mankind and other lifestreams. The Seventh Ray is the violet ray of Transmutation. She is the Twin Flame of St Germain and represents the feminine aspect of the Violet Flame. The violet flame is a spiritual fire that is used to transmute denser energies back into the light of God.

She is known also as the Goddess of Justice. She has an etheric retreat that is situated above Ghana, a west African country, where the Flame of Justice is anchored to our earth through the Freedom and Justice arch monument. It is said that she can be contacted if one is seeking grace for their past karma, in order to eliminate it.

She can help to eliminate judgment from one's mind and align the mind closer with the heart. Through meditation one can contact her to request help. One can also request collective karma be made less, in these end times of much karmic atonement.


MaitreyaLord Maitreya, being a very advanced master, has many titles. He is currently known as the Cosmic Christ and also Planetary Buddha (and Coming Buddha). He formerly held the title of World Teacher before it went, in 1956, jointly to Jesus and Kuthumi. He works under Buddha in his role as Planetary Buddha.

The name Maitreya means Lord of Love. He was probably one of the first who began working with our planet after the call went out from Sanat Kumara to find volunteers to help this world in its early days. Both he and Sanat Kumara are evolved souls from Venus who have a particular interest in upholding and evolving this beloved world. Maitreya is one who overshadowed Jesus during his lifetime to help him raise his consciousness to that of Christ. He still works hard for earth, channeling through his earthly disciples, and is one of the most ardent teachers of Ascension. He will not finish until all of us have ascended to our I AM Presence.

His first mystery school (to teach initiates on the path of ascension) was in Lemuria. Upon destruction of this ancient continent, his school was withdrawn into the etheric planes and today exists above the Himalayas.

Mary Magdalene

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