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Ascended Masters List & Descriptions

A growing list of Ascended Masters each with their history, description and other aliases. The list begins with Babaji and is ordered in alphabetical order. Please note there is a lot of mystery surrounding these masters, so it is not possible to prove or disprove facts, or indeed fictions surrounding them. View this list as just for fun. Some of the old photos are apparently authentic.

Mahavatar Babaji

BabajiBabaji is said to be an avatar who walks the earth without dying (is in an ascended form), and he may show himself to others as he pleases. He is found in the remote regions of the Indian Himalayas. His title of 'Mahavatar' means Great Avatar. Unlike many of the other masters, Babaji has kept his physical form and still walks the earth, showing himself but rarely. This seems a very special dispensation, since most of the masters seem to take a full body ascension and leave the planet at some point. The fact that his life is so mysterious seems to be deliberate, as he is not meant to be as public a master as say Christ. The masters do work in different ways to bring about different effects to our world.

One thing he did for the world was bring back the meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga, which was originally taught to the world by Krishna to his disciple Arjuna.

He later chose Paramahansa Yogananda to further spread Kriya Yoga to the west and travel to America. This form of yoga was considered a science, and was also practiced by the Christ and some of his disciples.

Guatama Buddha

BuddhaBuddha is one of the four most famous Indian Avatars. He lived in the sixth century B.C. The teachings of Buddhism come directly from his teachings on the way to reach and maintain a state of enlightenment, which he called the Middle Way. Being an enlightened master is the same as an Ascended Master, indicating one who has ascended in consciousness (though not always in body).

He originally came from a royal family located on the Indian-Nepalese border, born into riches and a life of comfort. It is said this very life is what led him to question the nature of reality, and to seek holy wisdom. He learned how to meditate and gained enlightenment after sitting under a tree until he could pierce the veils of illusion, by surpassing the lower senses and glimpsing the divine. He then learned how to maintain this and passed it onto others in the form of his teachings.


One of the greatest Chinese philosophers, from the sixth century B.C. which later became the philosophy of Confucianism. Much of his teachings were transmitted by word of mouth and were first written down 400 years after his death. He established a school where he could teach his own teachings as well as that of others, although he never wrote down his own teachings. Apparently an earlier incarnation of Master DK (see immediately below).

Djwahl Khul

Djwahl KhulIf you have ever read any of Alice A. Bailey's channeled books (well recommended) then you will know Djwahl Khul and his teachings intimately. According to Theosophy (co-founded by Madame Blavatsky) he was a Tibetan Master of some rank and is an Ascended Master, so he exists and lives in higher dimensions but helps further earth spiritually through those who channel his work such as Bailey and also Blavatsky. He is often simply called The Tibetan or Master DK. He is regarded a Mahatma, which means a holy person or sage.

Some say he still retains a physical body here on earth, but he himself claims that his Tibetan life was merely his last incarnation and he has since ascended. I believe it was Blavatsky herself who started rumours that the masters were all in physical bodies who she met in person, although the masters have admitted they were not. It is only occasionally that a master retains a physical body; most do not do this.

Djwhal Khul is a Master on the 'Second Ray of Love-Wisdom', an Initiate of the sixth degree, and an advanced disciple in the higher-dimensional Ashram of the Master Kuthumi. (This means that Kuthumi is his teacher, more on him later).

El Morya

El MoryaEl Morya is the Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray of Will, colour blue, Chief of the Darjeeling Council, and has been a tireless worker for planet Earth and the betterment of humanity. He has had many incarnations including, notably, Abraham, King Arthur of Camelot, and Thomas Becket. In his life as El Morya Khan, he was a Rajput prince. He has since ascended. He has worked with St Germain, Serapis Bey, Djwahl Khul and Kuthumi, and worked through Madame Blavatsky to co-found the Theosophical Society. As Lord of a Ray, he has a retreat which is located at Darjeeling in India in the etheric plane above the city, where the flame of the first ray is held. In channeled messages, he may speak as either El Morya or as Ashtar.

Perhaps because he is on the First Ray of God's Will, he has a reputation for being stern. I know this master well and can say that he never stops cracking jokes. I have only ever found him stern if I make jokes about him, and he retaliates with tickles or a very stern look. His sense of humour is wickedly funny and I've always found him very loving and wise.

AshtarAs his Higher Self, he is Ashtar Sheran of the Ashtar Command, pictured right. Many will know Ashtar as the Commander of an Intergalactic Fleet. I recently dreamed of him; in this dream he appeared human except for his eyes, which looked like molten blue, fire-lava.

His Higher Self appears blond with blue eyes and light skin. In photos I've seen of Ashtar, he actually looks more feminine. The image on the right comes from the photo but is altered to be masculine.


The prophet Elijah underwent his ascension and rose in a chariot of fire, a full body ascension. He came back however as John The Baptist to prepare the way for the Christ. The title of Baptist refers to being baptized by Spirit. A great master who still comes through channels today with his teachings.

The Hathors (Egyptian Goddess Hathor)

Goddess HathorThe Egyptian Goddess Hathor is old and steeped in history. In the late 1980's, a group of Masters from an ascended civilization, calling themselves 'The Hathors' have begun channeling messages, claiming to be connected to ancient Egypt through the Goddess Hathor. One such channel who works with them is Tom Kenyon. The Hathors say they have been helping humanity to evolve since before recorded history.

They are interesting in that they come from outside of this universe, like the feline races (maybe those two are connected?) As with Ascended Masters from our own universe, they offer teachings, advice and mentor-ship, and are very eager to connect with and help us, or any individual who wants to connect is very welcome to.

They stress that they are not saviours or messiahs to humanity, stressing that the work of ascension lays with each of us owning up to our own responsibilities and our own salvation. But they can help point the way in the right direction, lovingly and freely.


Master HilarionMaster Hilarion holds the title of Chohan (Lord) of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Truth, colour emerald green and gold. This is the ray of Healing, Truth, Science and Knowledge. He is the Hierarch of the Temple of Truth on the etheric plane near Crete, Greece. Before existing in Crete, this temple formed part of the civilization of Atlantis but was moved after the destruction of that land and all in it.

His most famous incarnation was as the apostle Paul, who was taught by Jesus. By his own admission, Hilarion recounts that, like many of us, he was a proud atheist before Christ brought him back to the fold of God. In his last incarnation before his ascension, he was embodied as Saint Hilarion of Palestine, known for his healing miracles.

He also sponsors religious teachers, leaders, and scientists, bringing inspiration to these groups to help introduce new scientific ideas and inventions, and versions of truth to this world. He represents the blending of science and religion. He also works with mathematicians, musicians, chemists, electricians, engineers, healers, researchers, computers, media and communication.


See Part 2 Of This List - Jesus, Kuthumi, Nada, Portia, Maitreya, Mary

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