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We answer the most interesting questions people ask about Angels. If you want to learn more about angels, their love and guidance, keep reading as we attempt to take some of the mystery out of their world!

AngelAre Angels Real?

You can find out today if angels exist and if your own angels are with you. By asking them for a sign, angels must answer all calls and provide signs of their existence. From seeing feathers, robins, rainbows, smelling flowers or heavenly scents, angels have many ways to prove their own existence. If you are quite advanced, they may even speak to you. To learn all about the signs angels show us, please read 12 Angel Signs. Learn to recognise the signs and decode what exactly they mean.

Why Do We Have Angels?

Our angel team is around us from birth until we leave this physical realm. Their roles are many but some of the main reasons are to keep us safe, and help us to fulfill our mission or lifeplan whilst here on earth. They guide us and are our spiritual guardians. All people have an angel team.

Angels will never take away our free will or "force" us to do anything - we are quite free whilst we are here. Yet our angels can inspire us in many ways in order to keep us on track. We make a plan with our angels before birth to complete certain things and learn certain lessons; our angels are charged with keeping us focussed on the right direction. There are many distractions once we arrive on earth; angels can nudge and remind us of why we are here.

What Kind Of Angels Do We Have?

The kinds of angels and the number of them around us will vary over our lifetime. We may have less angels as we are growing up, but once we are on our path, we have additional angels who understand our field of endeavour helping as we go. Anyone with important work to accomplish may need extra angelic help. We have one angel who is our master angel teacher and who oversees everything connected to us.

Along with angels, we also have spirit guides, who can be loved ones who have passed over and who watch over us in spirit form. These spirits can also send us signs that they are with us, or interact with us in dreamstate.

Do Angels Ever Punish Us?

In fact, angels will never, ever punish any of us - the reason being that we are put on earth to learn lessons and to grow spiritually. We mess up from time to time and that is expected. Some people may develop dark tendencies and hurt others in various ways, yet we are not punished or judged by angels ever. Angels are quite detached and non-judgemental. We do however recieve appropriate Karma to each of our actions. Through the workings of karma the universe seeks to correct the balance of our deeds, rather than punish.

Angels are very kind and compassionate, and they love humankind. They understand the traps we can fall into and the temptations around us whilst we are here in physical form. In fact, we learn from our mistakes, so mistakes are not seen as bad; mistakes help us to evolve. There is instant forgiveness for all of us. Some mistakes can set us back in our evolvement or our plans, yet this is okay. The universe really is a kind place and our home in this universe is assured.
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Can We Talk To Angels?

Yes we can, and we are even encouraged to talk to our angels! We are encouraged to ask for help from angels whenever we need it. The door is always open. It is difficult for people sometimes to imagine that angels are truly non-judgemental, yet they really are. They do not sit in judgement of any of us, for that is not their place. (It is humans who have the bad habit of judging, not angels.) We can converse with angels 24/7, for example when we are in the shower, driving our car, even when we are emotionally upset. We can ask our angels to send us love, healing, strength, wisdom, or whatever you like - they will spring into action for anything we request of them. Why not try it out?

Where Do Angels Live?

Angels are not solid or physical like we are, so they are outside of space/time of our dimension. As such, they are in a higher, more spiritual dimension but can still see/hear/feel us. So angels do not live in houses for shelter for they don't need them. It is difficult to know what these higher dimensions are like since space and time is much different or non-existent. The angels themselves report these dimensions are more heavenly, fluid and can manifest how they wish it to manifest. If an angel wants to sit in a garden, they imagine the garden and instantly create it. It is probably confusing to try to imagine what it is like where angels live. I picture it as a dimension full of music and light. There is no need for them to have possessions or a "job" as we do. They do not eat or have money.

Angels can also visit other dimensions lower in vibration than their own. Angels live busy lives. When we pass over into such dimensions, we too live busy lives, preparing for our next life on earth (or elsewhere). There are many mansions/worlds in God's creation.

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