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Does Asking Angels Work?

The question of how often does asking angels work is a great question that deserves to be looked at in its own article. Angels are the ones who do the work of God or carry out God's will so when we ask that the angels help us with something, this enables them to work directly on our behalf, whether we are asking for help to find the perfect job, or to lead us to a wonderful new home, or to help find the perfect health practitioner who can aid us. Such prayers as this have a very good chance of working directly to achieve a better result faster. We may get the same result eventually without angelic help, but doesn't it make life easier when our behind the scene helpers are called into action? I believe they wait for such prayers happily because it is their divine task to fulfill the role of helping us whilst we are in earthly incarnation. I also think the angels understand completely the challenges that face all of us on a daily basis, and that is why God has given us angels, so we are never alone and can seek direct aid and comfort.

The Best Prayers to Use to get Help

It is becoming well known that we can call on angels for all kinds of requests, some you might not have even considered. Angels can help us find lost objects, especially if it is something very important and needed. They can help us get a stubborn car running again if it isn't starting, or help us to get to an important meeting on time with a genuine plea for help. They can help to ease or lift off emotional trauma and baggage, remove sadness that you can't dislodge, or help you to move forward on all levels if you send out that plea. I think basically anything that helps you to fulfill your life purpose is fair game for angels to step in and help with (even if they lead you to the right book or website where you can learn for yourself what you need to know).

There are some types of requests that might be less successful, for example if you demand something, not because you need genuine help but because your ego wants something. Here is the difference between need and want - you might pray for a lotto win but if this is not part of your life purpose to receive this you may be disappointed. A better request would be asking for increased income or for ideas of how you can increase your income. Angels understand money and don't want to see us with a lack so if you are ready to work for it, ask for better ways to earn or ask to be led to your life's work.

God's Will Be Done

You have to keep in mind that our angels are not servants and what I mean by this is not every request is answered immediately, since all that happens in our life is in accordance with God's will (or our Soul's plan for us as our Soul is aligned with a Higher Will). An example of angels not answering every plea is when a lost object just won't turn up no matter how much you ask the angels to please lead you to it. I have a tube of sunscreen that I put away somewhere and no matter how much I ask my angels, I cannot find it, even though it is in my own home. There could be a reason why or perhaps it just isn't important enough to find. Perhaps it will turn up at some more timely point when I have used up my old sunscreen, I really don't know. It is the smaller requests that are less important that seem to go unheard sometimes.

Also sometimes you might request one thing only to be given something else, for the angels know what it is that you best need. One trick that is played on me is that when I request a particular angel, I am sent a different angel. Sometimes I have negative entities in my room at night and I call upon Archangel Michael to come and move them on. But I get a very beautiful female angel who turns up every time! It makes me laugh and realise the angels will do what they like with our request; however they rarely let us down in anything important.

Archangel Raphael is one to call on for health issues but he can't necessarily remove a condition/illness that you have for a reason - it is our job to figure out what emotional issues are affecting our health and fixing those issues within ourself. But his healing can be relaxing and comforting when he comes to you.


The angels really do spring to life in emergencies when you quickly ask for help. I once broke my little pinky toe which was sticking out at a 45 degree angle. When I went to the emergency room to have it put back, they could not get the toe to go back into place. At first I had no fear or doubt at all, until the medical people began to sound like they were going to give up entirely and I would need some kind of surgery. I quickly sent out an urgent plea, "Please angels put my pinky toe back!" And a second later it went back into place; I was so relieved and thanked the angels profusely for their help. I am sure they were watching the trouble that was unfolding and hoped I would ask for some kind of assistance, then as soon as I did they acted immediately for they now had permission to intervene.

I hope readers learn to experiment with angels (we all have our own angel team around us) and learn to ask for assistance, ask for guidance, and see what results you can get. You might not win lotto but you could suddenly become inspired by a business idea or inspired to follow a new path that leads to increased success. This website was inspired by the angels, and my recollection of this is foggy, I hardly remember how I began this site. I think I was being led strongly and it kind of 'happened' without conscious planning - Bam I just found myself designing the website and teaching myself code. And then my store took off and the sales began to roll in. I had been asking my angels for a way to increase my income but never dreamed or planned to have an online store. Sometimes the things we plan for never happen, but the angels and God have other plans that spontaneously come together when we are ready.

Just know that the angels hear everything we say to them at any time. It never ceases to take my breath away by how astute the angels are - they miss nothing. So have fun with it, build your relationship with your own loving angels, play with them or meditate to see if you can hear them. There's no hard or fast rules, you can make it up as you go, whenever you feel like it or not. Don't worry about neglecting them, they are patient and will be there even if you don't speak to them often.

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