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12 SIGNS Angels Are Communicating

Do you have angels in your home? Are they trying to communicate with you? Chances are your angels would love to open communication with you because, you guessed it, we all have angels - a whole team of angels in fact.

Angel Signs

There is nothing unusal about people and angels being together. Guardian angels serve us by guiding us. And it is true that angels love communicating through "signs" of many kinds. Because we can't usually talk to angels with words, they use the medium of signs, or little ways to send us messages that we can readily spot and understand.

There are a bunch of recognised angel signs, as well as angel numbers, so let's take a look at some of the most recognised signs:

1. Feathers

Perhaps one of the most common signs that people associate with angels. You will notice a beautiful white or darker feather sitting on the ground right on your path. It may be sitting right outside your front door, or you will notice it as you open your car door to step out. This kind of sign really captures our attention because we think, "What a lovely feather." We usually admire it for a moment, it uplifts us and drags our attention away from the mundane thoughts running through our head. This sign is a big HELLO from our angel friends and they are just telling us that they are around. Maybe they are inviting us to talk to them or ask them for help. Whenever you see a sign, quiet your mind for a moment and see if you can work out exactly what the message is. If you ask your angels for the meaning, it may float into your mind. They might just be saying that everything will be okay, or that they love you. Get closer to your angels and see if they keep sending you more signs.

feather sign

2. Flashes of Light & Spirit Orbs

These signs of angels are usually seen in your own home. Pretty displays of light or orbs are not necessarily scary and could be a way for our angels to open communication and say they are there. You could notice a coloured sparkle of light in the corner of your eye for just a moment. Or you could see lovely displays of light captured in photographs you have taken, or photos of yourself hovering around you. Angels like to be photographed too. They are playing with you, and who wouldn't like to see an angel in their photos sometimes? At times you may see a gently floating spirit orb out of the corner of your eye. I have seen a pair of these floating in my bedroom, but as soon as I saw them, they faded out. They are angelic and there is no bad feeling around them at all.

3. Tickling, Tingling, Feelings of Well-Being

My angels are ticklers, there is no doubt about it. If I am being too cheeky, they go for my tummy, underarms or if lying down, my feet. Angels can also present us with tingling feels or a strong, marked feeling of bliss or well-being. You can ask them to do that. If you are curious about the bliss, ask your angels now to give you some of this to show that they are around you. Then wait, and over the next few days you will probably be overcome with an amazing feeling of bliss just out of the blue. This is how angels give us a sign. If you tickle your angels, they may start to tickle you back - just send the intention of tickling and see what happens. Angels love to play games with us, and you can start the game.

4. Voices & Talking

Your angels will never intrude on your privacy or scare us in any way. If they feel you are open to them, or if you ask them, they can speak in a quiet voice in your head that may at first sound like your own voice. If you keep listening, you will begin to recognise their personality, the feeling of them. Usually angels will speak a few words to someone if they are in danger, to help guide them urgently out of the situation. But if you are in need of comfort they may say something comforting, just a few words whispered quietly to you, to help console or give you strength.


5. Butterflies

A butterfly is another beautiful sign from our angels that is positive and uplifting. This particular sign can be speaking of positive change that is coming into our life with the possibility of transformation. You see, a catepillar transforms into the butterfly, so we are going to be like a butterfly. There is nothing to fear when we see this sign, and it is more powerful if the butterfly lands on us. At times there are many butterflys arounds so check with you intuition if this is a sign from your angels. Again, quiet your mind and ask if there is a specific message for you from your angels and listen to what comes gently into your mind.

6. Scents & Smells

Some people experience lovely scents that can either come from the spirit of a person who has passed on, or from our own angel if they like to communicate this way. This type of sign is usually to communicate their presence to us and is meant to be comforting. If this happens to you, just enjoy it for not everyone receives this kind of sign.

7. Music

Do you hear songs play in your head suddenly and you discover that the exact lyric matches the situation or thoughts you are having right at that moment. Angels like to sing, they have minds like a music library, and may put a tune into your mind that suits your situation. When getting a reading, they may even utilise this by giving an appropriate song to the reader to pass on. Other people actually hear clairaudiently and pick up heavenly music that comes from no where physical. The angelic realms are full of music and singing, so it is natural for angels to sometimes communicate with music.

8. Warmth & Cold

A gentle way to alert someone that an angel is near is through a slight but non-threatening change in temperature around you. You may suddenly notice a nice, pleasant warmth throughout your body, maybe it is associated with other body sensations like a tingling. This is nice like the angels are holding you. Or you may feel a pleasant feeling of coolness that comes from nowhere. Ask your angels if they are doing this and try to figure out why. It might be for encouragement.


9. Birds, Robins & Doves

White birds can be signs from spirit, white always being a positive and spiritual colour. If you have unusal activity from beautiful coloured or white birds around your home or anywhere you work, this can be a wonderful sign, especially if it is a flock of birds that seems to visit often. Because birds are around us everywhere, notice the unusual and then check with your intuition if it is a sign. Not all flocks of birds are signs though. Sometimes a bird will come to confirm a thought you are having - you can usually tell if it is a sign by the feeling that comes over you that your angels is saying 'yes'. When a loved one has passed, they too will use birds to give us a sign, especially on important dates linked to their life.

Robins and doves are used by angels to let you know they are near, so if you repeatedly see one of these birds where you normally would not, this is a lovely sign. If you have an agreement with your angels about another type of bird, then that is the bird they will send instead. All angels have their own signs with us, that you may build up over time, little unique signs and understandings between you and your angels.

10. Angel Numbers

Angels use numbers to impart quite specific messages, usually these numbers are in sequences of three, for example 111, 222, 333, etc. To read more on angel numbers, visit my article Angel Numbers.

11. Pennies & Coins

Finding a penny or coin is a common sign from angels that may have a meaning depending on where you find it or what you may be thinking about when you see it. Sometimes, it can be a sign of good luck around money, or that money is on the way.

12. Rainbows & Clouds

A rainbow can feel like a private message sometimes, and sometimes they are, especially if there is no rain about, or it is a double rainbow. Trust your feelings and if it feels like your angels have sent you the rainbow (or inspired you to look up so that you can spot it) then go with those feelings. A rainbow is a way angels might use to confirm they are with you and listening to you. If you have been chatting to your angels, you may see a rainbow as confirmation that indeed they hear everything you say. Some people say that clouds in certain shapes may be a sign from angels, but remember too that clouds that are surrounded by rainbow colours may be cloud ships, or ships camoflagued, and that is an extra thrill to see a perfect UFO shape cloud in an otherwise clear sky, that has rainbow colours around it, makes a person wonder!

Signs That Angels Exist

If you don't believe that angels exist, ask them to show you a sign - they will hear this request. Then look out for any of the signs listed above to start showing up in your life. Have fun with it! Angels are playful and they will love to surprise and thrill you.

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