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4 Ways To Communicate With Angels

Most forms of angel communication are easier than you think! This article will discuss common angel signs, angel crystals and also angel numbers. Meditation is another way to facilitate angel communication, especially if you are just starting out.

Angel Communication

1. Angel Crystals & Stones

Such angel crystals are provided to us by nature to help us grow closer to the angel realms and the divine. These beautiful stones are living beings; crystals actually "grow" over time, adding layers to themself to build up in size. When you hold an angel crystal, you will be able to feel its energy through your hand. You can also sense their energy through your eyes (even by looking at a photo of a crystal). Crystals have powerful energy and the energies of crystals vary greatly. Before buying an angel crystal you will want to look at many types of them to determine which stone you are drawn to.

There is a list of 11 angel crystals that I talk about on this site. They are: angelite, angel aura quartz, celestite, danburite, herkimer diamond, larimar, morganite, phenacite, prehnite, white sapphire and of course selenite. These crystals vary in colour and hardness, and some will appeal more than others. Angel crystals can help us to better tune into higher, finer energies where the angels dwell (in higher dimensions). They can also give us confidence with our angel communications, especially when we are first starting out. To see a full list and description of all eleven crystals mentioned, read further 11 Angel Crystals where we have an entire article dedicated to angel stones.
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~ * Angel Numbers * ~

Everyone it seems is learning about angel numbers. These numbers are like a sign from angels and each one carries a specific set of meanings which are not difficult to learn. How we determine whether a number we see is an angel number is simple. If our angels are trying to catch our attention through numbers, they will present a sequence of numbers to us in a repetitive way through our everyday dealings. A common place people notice numbers are on dockets, digital clocks, street addresses, number plates, or anywhere numbers are found, even phone numbers. If you keep seeing the same number follow you around, you are not going crazy - you may need to research what the number represents and understand your angels have a helpful or encouraging message for you.

For a quick rundown of meanings:

Angel Number 111 - Number of Manifestation, keep positive and visualise what you wish to manifest. Your thoughts have more power at this time for fast manifestation into form.

Angel Number 222 -  Positive Opportunities are yours for the taking. Plans are beginning to manifest. Renew your trust in yourself and your faith in your plans.

Angel Number 333 - The Ascended Masters are around you. A time of growth and expansion. This can also represent a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Angel Number 444 - Open yourself to Receive and continue on your present path. This is the perfect time to communicate with your angels. More in life is coming your way.

Angel Number 555 - Change is coming into your life. Nothing stays static forever and change takes us somewhere new, helping us to grow and learn more. Enjoy the journey.

Angel Number 666 - Heal and Release fears. This is not a dark number. We are called on to examine why we fear certain things. We become more selfless and are in a position to serve humanity in some way.

Angel Number 777 - Luck, magic and accomplishment. It is time for us to reap the rewards of our past hard work and planning. A mystical number of divine purpose.

Angel Number 888 - Wealth, abundance and karma. Whereas 777 is a reward for work done, 888 is unexpected rewards that have accrued from your good karma. You are completing one life cycle ready for the next to begin.

Angel Number 999 - You have enough experience to lead the way. This is a number of ending. Increased enlightenment or deeper awakening to the spiritual is yours now, as you learn your lessons for the cycle you are finishing.

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'10 Signs' That Angels Are Near

Angel signs are absolutely wonderful if you are intuitive and notice the little things that may be happening around you that are brought to your attention by angels.Let's run down a common list of signs that angels use to communicate their presence to us:

1. FEATHERS Of Any Colour - This sign is a big HELLO from our angel friends. along with being protective and a symbol of truth, feathers can remind us that angels are around. Maybe they are inviting us to talk to them or ask them for help.

2. FLASHES, SPARKLES of Light & SPIRIT ORBS - These signs are usually seen in our own home, and can be colourful light shows or something seen out of the corner of the eye. Some angel lights are caught on film because the angels want to be photographed next to you.

3. TINGLING, FEELINGS OF BLISS - Angels love to play games with us, and tickle (me especially if I'm being cheeky). A feeling of well-being is a common sign that angels use to prove their existence if you ask them for such a sign.

4. VOICES & TALKING - If your angels feel you are open to them, they can speak in a quiet voice in your head that may at first sound like your own voice. If you keep listening, you will begin to recognise their distinct energy and personality. Write down any messages you receive this way and allow the channel to grow stronger.


5. BUTTERFLIES - A butterfly is another beautiful sign from our angels that is positive and uplifting. This particular sign can be speaking of positive change that is coming into our life with the possibility of transformation.

6. SCENTS & SMELLS - This type of sign is usually to communicate an angels (or loved one's) presence to us and is meant to be comforting. If this happens to you, just enjoy it for not everyone receives this kind of sign.

7. PENNIES & COINS - Finding a penny or coin is a common sign from angels. It can sometimes indicate good luck is coming around finances, or that money is on the way.

8. ROBINS, DOVES, Flocks Of Birds - If you have unusal activity from beautiful coloured, black or white birds around your home or anywhere you work, this can be a wonderful sign. Robins, doves and bluebirds are especially used by angels to let you know they are near. Birds symbolise spiritual energy and freedom.


9. MUSIC - Angels like to sing, (i.e. singing like an angel) and they commonly put tunes into people's minds that suits their situation. Some people clairaudiently pick up heavenly music that comes from higher realms, and this may signify a certain angel is visiting them.

10. WARM & COLD SENSATIONS - A gentle way to alert someone that an angel is near is through a slight change in temperature around us. We may suddenly notice a pleasant warmth throughout our body, or sometimes feel a pleasant feeling of coolness that comes seemingly from nowhere.

4. Meditation On Angels

Meditating in order to quiet the mind and hear angels is an excellent idea. We do this by finding a quiet place where no one will disturb us (phones turned off), and sit or lie comfortably so that we can enter a meditative state. By learning to meditate, we quiet our mind a create a space where angels can more easily enter. We may see or hear them, or simply receive an idea from them. If we think about a problem we are having, a solution or advise may come to us from our angels.

The best way to meditate with angels is to be open to whatever may come to us.
Sometimes holding an angel crystal (see above) helps us to tune into the softer, loving energy of angels, making us relax more and open to them without anxiety.

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