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Psychically Connect To Angels

Is it possible to connect to our angels psychically? YES, it most certainly is. If you've ever wondered who might be watching over you, its a team of angels! We know we have angels and might have some idea of who they are, but how can we really get to know them and use them for information or help?

Angel Communication

This is a great question. Whilst our angels are with us and can help us from the other side, their hands are tied and usually they can only watch us. This is because they have agreed that whilst we are here, they can't "intervene" unless they have our permission. So in a very real sense, we must ASK them to intervene when we need their help. This is what enables them to step in.

Psychically Asking For Help

We can in fact build up a relationship with our angels by learning how to channel them. Whether it is an occasional few words of help, or entire conversations, they are actually there to talk to us. A lot of people are unaware of this fact. Many think the angels are just floating about or doing tasks and never realise that we can talk to them in a very real way to learn all kinds of things about ourself. It is called channeling. I often channel my angels when I am stuck in life or need some help.

Talking psychically to angels, being telepathic, or channeling are all similar things and are not difficult. We are simply bringing through their words. One example may be you feel lost or alone and simply wish for a friend to talk to. Your angel is always there. He or she is never going to ignore you no matter what situation you are in, so you can start a conversation and just talk about how you feel.

Ways To Channel

The way I channel is usually onto paper, but I can also talk to them telepathically if need be. I love to channel onto paper so that I have a record of what was said (yes, their advice really is that good). Another way one can try channeling is recording of your voice. A lot of trance or semi-trance channeling is done this way, yet this method can be difficult for conversing back and forth.

The trick with channeling is to bring through what you are given even if it is just a few words. Don't let this stop you. Angels will often talk in a few words, like a half sentence, and do not continue until it is written down. Once you have it down, then they continue. This is very disconcerting when you first begin. You feel like you aren't really getting anything and it isn't until you have a whole paragraph that you begin to understand the process. You can see they are leading somewhere interesting.

One can investigate this process. It feels like you are writing only yourself until you have done it a few times. Then you begin to feel the personality of your angel coming through. Ask for your Master Angel to come in for you; this is your highest angel that is around you. You can get very close over time.

I used to make fun of my angels when I first began channeling and would make silly jokes about them. To my surprise they began making jokes about me! I remember not expecting this, and this was how I got that first connection with them. Angels in truth are hilarious, so if you want that madcap voice in your mind saying silly jokes, by all means talk to them. They are there and listening.
cute angel

It does not have to be all serious and you do not need to share your channeling. I'm talking about private conversations you have with your angel about yourself, others, or the world. Angels can tell us many things about where we are going, what we are doing, or my favourite - tell me about this latest man I'm interested in. You can use channeling to investigate the future as well, such as who could you marry and how would it work out. Should you go with a certain business or is something else right for you? There are no limits to what your angels can tell you as you build your relationship with them.

Of course if you wished to channel for the world, this can also be done. But many people overlook the fact that they can channel about everyday stuff that is only interesting to them. You can find out a whole lot of private info and no one needs to know what you are doing.

Its a personal thing and no one needs to know. This is why I love it. Of course, if you want to bring through messages for the world, this is blessed and helpful. However, to begin get to know your own angels first before spreading out your wings with others. I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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