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Do An Angel Card Reading

Who doesn't love Angel Cards? Increasingly Angel Readings are replacing tarot or are being done in combination. Whilst tarot is difficult to learn all the subtleties, angel cards offer an easier and less complex way to read cards and communicate with angels. They are also a lot lighter and more fluffy than traditional tarot, and tend to be comforting rather than intimidating.

Do You Have To Be Psychic To Use Angel Cards?

Michael Angel CardNot necessarily, and this is what we are going to explore in this article. When a psychic uses angel cards, they can be a starting point and a helpful tool, but essentially the psychic tunes in clairvoyantly and clairsentiently, etc, to the angels to bring through what needs to come through. In essence you are getting a true psychic reading with the cards being used as an aid.

Yet angel cards are becoming very popular for people who want to do their own readings at home, for themself or their friends. Many people do it for fun, out of curiosity, or they are strongly draw to and interested in the cards. Some people will play with them for a while, and others who discover the usefulness of angel cards will keep them close by and use them often - it just depends. People listen to their intuition in different ways, so those who get strong intuitive feelings from the cards will probably use them more often.

How Angel Cards Work

Angel cards work because angels communicate with our sub-conscious to tell us when to stop shuffling and which cards to pull or which to leave untouched. For them this is a simple process to prompt us and get the right cards down in front of us. The best way to let them do this is to stay relaxed and unworried about the outcome.Just go with what feels right.

8 Steps To Using Angel Cards

So you have purchased a deck of angel cards and want to know how to use them properly. There are so many decks around and more being designed all the time. If you basically like the deck you have chosen, then you are ready to start. No one deck is better or worse than any others. You could use the deck of a specific angel like Archangel Michael (see card above), or a more general deck. Let's describe the steps to take when doing your own reading:

1. Connect with your angels by greeting them and asking them to help you with your reading. Saying something like, "Angels, please help me to connect with you so that I can do a accurate reading, helping me to open my intuition and clear my mind so I can hear you correctly."

2. Bless your cards whilst you shuffle them. You want to enter into a spiritual space so use your intent to raise your vibration, send love to your cards or your angels and take a moment to become peaceful and grateful for their help.

3. Before drawing any cards, sit quietly and focus on your question. If doing a reading for another, ask them what their question is, what would they like answered. Hold this question firmly in your mind for a few moments without intervening thoughts interrupting your flow.

4. When it feels right, stop shuffling the cards. For a one card draw, you can split the pack and take the first card on the top. Or you can simply take the first card without splitting the pack.

5. Separate this card and place it in front of you. The card will contain an appropriate message from the angels that relates to the exact question on your mind. It will provide a clue, an answer, or a description that will help you to move through this issue.

6. If doing a three card spread, draw out another two cards from the top of the deck. You do not need to reshuffle but can if you prefer. Each card will be relevant.
angel harp
7. Sometimes, if you have many issues on your mind, you may intuitively feel that one or more cards is relating to a different question. This way, your angels are giving more information that you may have asked for. Angels are opportunists and love to help us, so often they can employ this tactic to give you a deeper reading than you even intended.

8. It is indeed a blessing so don't forget to thank them for this wonderful gift of communication! If you wish to receive more signs from them on your issue, you can ask for this to occur and then get even more confirmation during the day without using the cards at all. Learn more about Angel Signs.

The Meaning Of Your Oracle/Angel Cards

Each angel card pack comes with a small guide or booklet that provides additional information about the meaning of each card. Obviously we need to understand what the card means to do a successful reading. This is where intuition can come in, if we can't quite see why we drew a particular card. If you really can't understand why, pick a new one and ask for further clarity. This may help you to understand the first one you got.

There are no mistakes when drawing cards, so trust there is a meaning there, but don't drive yourself crazy if you can't figure it out. It may come to you later, or even relate to a different issue. Angel cards are meant to be light and fun, so remember to have fun with them.

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