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111 - Activation & Awakening

Angel number 111 is a powerful sign of beginning on an upward path, activating yourself and manifesting new things in your life. This sign also means that your Twin Flame may be near. If you are yet to meet or experience your Twin Soul, then this number may be an omen that he or she is indeed coming.

Those who communicate with angels know they give messages through numbers, signs, omens and occasionally dreams. They use specific numbers to encourage us or open our intuition further. Sometimes our own Higher Self can do the same, for example when we get a feeling to glance at a digital clock displaying 11:11. We can thank the angels and the universe for their wonderful, friendly signs. Potent numbers contain messages from angels and we can decipher the code.

number 1What Does 111 Mean?

It is commonly believed that to see the numbers 11, 111 or 1111 recurring through our days or weeks is the universal sign of Waking Up from a spiritual slumber. As we notice and question the recurrence of these numbers, our intuition will be nudging us quite loudly. When this happens, we know that something is occurring but we might not know what. Like a significant omen or dream that we just can't forget, this gentle nudging will continue until we are ready to accept there is a message and try to find out what it is.

Every number carries a certain spiritual vibration and energy, and so every number has a unique meaning. What could this meaning be for you? By becoming quiet and focusing on how we feel, we may get a clearer idea of what the message is. Perhaps our angles are in fact simply saying a large HELLO, because they feel that we are ready to acknowledge them. Or if we aren't ready (don't worry if that is the case - our angels never force them self upon us), then the 1111 could simply be preparing us for a further awakening down the path. It could be waking up our intuition or our curiosity.

111 Is Occurring Worldwide

When we bring up this topic with friends, we often find that everyone is experiencing some form of this awakening or quickening. We are all going through a stage of noticing 11, 111 or 1111 happening everywhere. The phase may not last forever, but it will wake us up that "something" is going on, for indeed something very spiritual is going on right now that is changing our planet Earth. These numbers are a manifestation of something bigger, an ascension or evolvement of consciousness if you like, and we are being ever so gently reminded of this. The angels really do work together as a whole, and this number is an agreed upon symbol that speaks to us due to the divine and awakening energy of 1111.

1111 can be a very clear invitation to start becoming conscious specifically in the Now moment and start to be spiritually aware and awake. This step is always the first step on the pathway back to Spirit. We tend to start out in life merely reacting to life in an unconscious way. We may not realise it, but when we merely react to life we are giving away our control. In reality, we are the Creators of our life every second of the day, especially when we live it consciously, thoughtfully, knowing that our very thoughts create what we attract into our life. This is why the 1111 is so powerful as a tool to awaken. It gets us thinking deeply.

Twin Flame Sign or Omen

The double 11 number such as is seen on clocks at 11:11 is sometimes a sign that one's twin flame is close by and a meeting will take place. Our twin flame is our closest soulmate, the one who mirrors us and is considered our "other half" in the higher dimensions. 11:11 is a very good omen if you are trying to meet your twin flame. I have dedicated an entire article to this phenomenon that can be read at Twin Flame Connection 11:11.

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