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17 Weight Loss Affirmations To Gain Self Esteem

I believe so much in the power of affirmations that I want to put this out there since they can literally transform a person's attitudes and therefore entire life. If you have found this page and are unaware of what affirmations are, read this article first on Affirmations and how to use them. Essentially, they are positive statements that are repeated to help shift subconscious beliefs that sabotage us.

Weight LossGoals For Success

The reason why positive statements can work with weight issues is that weight gain mostly stems from certain ingrained thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that sabotage practices that keep weight in check. Any belief that is learned can be corrected and this may be easier than you think. Here are some positive statements to get you going. Please remember they are not meant to replace a healthy eating and exercise plan; rather they can help us to happily enforce such plans and change our beliefs at a deep level.

List Of Daily Weight Loss Affirmations Examples

  • I can change my habits quickly and easily.
  • I change my habits now.
  • I have full power over what I think and crave.
  • I choose to eat the right foods.
  • Fresh foods are a joy to prepare and consume!
  • I place nutritious foods only into my shopping basket.
  • I attract others who eat correctly and understand good nutrition.
  • I attract others who understand and support my new habits.
  • I attract books and information that can help me change my life.
  • Exercise is what I choose for my fitness and for myself.
  • I exercise - Each day is easier and I am fitter.
  • I gift myself the time to exercise because I am beautiful.
  • Creating an exercise program is joyful and easy.
  • I am proud to be out there exercising each day (or second day).
  • I am positive and listen to my own advice above all others.
  • In moderation, I exercise always in my life.
  • I eat (90%) nutritious food, and the occasional treat because I deserve it.(insert a percentage)

Fat Loss Affirmations And Self Esteem

We are using the Law of Attraction when we use affirmations. We can also use positive statements to work on our self esteem, especially if we were raised around negative people who caused our self esteem to take a hit. Affirmations for losing weight will work as long as we don't sabotage our own efforts.

The list above are some of the best weight loss affirmations so why not give it a go? Choose a few to work with initially. Focusing on two statements is ideal at any one time. Spend several days on those statements until you are sure they have effected change.

As you practice, you can feel when you have worked enough on any affirmation. You do not need to change every attitude about yourself today; you can take your time, identifying the area within you that needs the most work - and start there. When you experience how affirmations effect positive change within you, you will be able to write your own statements easily.

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