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Free Wealth Affirmations That Work


Remove Obstacles To Money

As people become more educated spiritually, we begin to realise that we can use 'energy' to create what we want more effortlessly, namely the wealth that can make our life easier. The spiritual idea is that life does not have to be difficult.

The 'old' belief around creating abundance and wealth has always been that we must toil long hours, expending much sweat, blood and tears in order to create any kind of wealth. A quicker way to achieve what we want is through changing the beliefs that block the easy flow of money. We must also learn to send out the right energy to the universe that will attract abundance.

Over the centuries many have known this fact and used it to generate great wealth. Have you ever wondered why some people have such ease of seeming to 'magically' attract any kind of wealth they need and can lead a life of ease and leisure, whilst others toil solidly for a lifetime of labor and still struggle to pay bills? Mankind wasn't created as a slave to waste away a lifetime working for someone else, feathering someone else's next. At some point, we are meant to learn the skills and master the energy of creating our own abundance. Having plenty and wanting for nothing is our birthright as humans. So what are these skills and what does mastery involve?

The affirmations below are a start, as they work on our subconscious and conscious mind to begin to send out the right energy to the universe.

Wealth Success Affirmations

  • I attract wealth to myself with ease.
  • Money flows to me now, each and every day increasing.
  • I easily and quickly make the wealth I need.
  • With each thought and endeavor I bring in more money.
  • People are attracted to (insert your business or product).
  • My business gets stronger, each day growing.
  • There is enough money in the world for me and others to have plenty.
  • Money is abundant and flows to me constantly.
  • I deserve to have what I need and choose the hours that I work.
  • I have the power to change my life and earnings powerfully.
  • I now release all obstacles to wealth and open myself to it.
  • My bills are paid effortlessly.
  • My debt vanishes quickly and my savings grow fast.
  • My wallet is fat with extra cash.
  • Extra money comes to me from the universe now.
  • I am open to receive all that I need.
  • I only spend on things I need, I find extra savings abound everywhere.
  • I am prosperous now.

Secret To Success Is Affirmations

Not everyone needs to change their subconscious beliefs, it often depends on how we were raised and what beliefs were inherited regarding money.

Always remember with affirmations to let go after they have been said. We need to attract an outcome with a peaceful attitude and open mind. Let the universe ultimately decide what it is you attract back and when. Simply use the energy and then wait peacefully to see what result you achieve. Strong or specific expectations, or a desperate neediness, will actually work to repel, therefore the skill of 'letting go' is essential.

With the above list of positive statements, choose a few to work with initially. Focusing on two statements is ideal at any one time. Spend several days to weeks on those statements until you are sure they have affected change. As you practice, you can feel when you have worked enough on any affirmation.

You do not need to change every attitude about yourself today; you can take your time, identifying the area within you that needs the most work - and start there. When you experience how affirmations effect positive change within you, you will be able to write your own statements easily. Don't forget to read about Affirmations if you are unsure how to use them properly.

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