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Achieve Success Through These 17 Affirmations

There is something special about the word 'Success'. This single word alone is an affirmation and repeating the word 'success' as is, can bring comfort and a feeling of opportunity, that anything is possible. This is the power of words, and success can encompass love, happiness, health and any kind of positive result we are wishing for. Whilst repeating an affirmation alone may not guarantee untold success, an affirmation is a brilliant start towards focusing our energy and intent in the right direction.

What Kind of Success Can The Student Ask For?

Success Stone

Begin by asking for a non-specific kind of success. Firstly, this will help to reprogram your subconscious and your expectations, which may have formerly be low. Changing our general energy towards success is the first step and once we have mastered this we can then move on to more ambitious things. The trick initially to asking the universe for success and trying to attract it, is to be non-specific.

Affirmations are not guarantees that we just get whatever we want from the universe. For example, we can affirm something like: "I own a major business and make large profits" in order to try to attract this very thing. This is fine for an affirmation and can work given time if it is our life blueprint to do this. But if this is not the reason for our time on Earth, then this dream may never manifest no matter how many affirmations are repeated. Therefore, its far better to keep our affirmations non-specific to something like: "I gain great success in the world and money flows to me." The universe can then work far better with this request than a request that is limited to a specific outcome.

Obstacles to Success

There are usually various obstacles that come our way, but these serve us by making us more determined. Obstacles help us to define exactly what we want and how much we want it. Often the universe throws in an obstacle or three to remind us how much we want something. They make us stronger. Life can sometimes be full of delays and unexpected failures, but this doesn't mean that we have failed, it means we are learning patience and lessons on our journey.

Not Judging Success

When we do notice that our affirmations are working, it is best not to judge the results that are coming to us. If we decide that its not enough, or not exactly what we want, keep going but thank the Universe. Gratitude will get us everywhere. When we judge or reject what comes our way, our attractive power will go back to zero, in fact  negative thinking can actually repel the very success we are seeking. Being patient and letting go of the outcome is always a better option.

We can surrender to the outcome and decide to be happy however our affirmations turn out. This is the way to keep attracting using the Law Of Attraction. Once we have achieved the success we wanted, we no longer need those affirmations and can write some new ones that are aiming at something new or higher.

List Of Success Affirmations That Work

Here are some affirmations for Success to get you started. Good luck!
  • I attract success on every level in my life.
  • The sky is the limit
  • Everything I touch brings me worthwhile results
  • Every day I get closer to my goals in life
  • I have fun working to reach my goals
  • All of my work pays off big time right now.
  • I am a great success in the world
  • Success keeps on flowing to me in every way
  • Others notice my success and offer me... (insert what you want offered to you)
  • I am dynamic in my chosen field
  • Sales increase and business is booming
  • I am offered a raise and my work is appreciated
  • New avenues of success open up to me
  • I am surrounded by other successful people who support me
  • With peace I let go and allow success to come to me easily
  • I do what I love and attract what I need
  • As I help others to achieve success, so to does mine increase
Also, don't forget to read the article How to Use Affirmations if you are unsure how to use them properly.

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