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Affirmations For Attracting New Love

Affirmations can go a long way to healing the heart and preparing it for new beginnings and love. The affirmations below are a tool that can help you to attract new love.

Affirmations To Attract Love

Heart KeyWhilst none of us can force our perfect partner to appear spontaneously before us, by changing our attitudes on a deep level, we can find the love that is all around us everyday, and can recognise love and attract it where we may have formerly missed it's presence or repelled it.

Whilst affirmations are certainly not the be all or end all of love, they can certainly boost our chances by adjusting any negative attitudes and beliefs we hold regarding love, thereby allowing love more easy access into our life. They are healing and can make love appear in our life faster by preparing us and opening us powerfully for love. After all, we have to be ready for love before it can appear. And they work!

Love Affirmations That Work

Using Affirmations is easy. If you are unaware of how to use them, read Affirmations first. Meanwhile, use these affirmations for clearing the way and opening your heart once more to love!

grow hearts
  • I attract love on every level in my life.
  • Love abounds everywhere, I am open to love.
  • I trust my heart to lead me where it must.
  • I let go now of the old energy in my heart that I no longer need.
  • I let go of unwanted attachments now and set myself free.
  • I ask my angels to cut all cords with (enter name) so I can move on unhindered.
  • I bravely ask for new love to enter my life.
  • I let go of my desires and open to what comes next for me.
  • New love comes to me.
  • I am healed of all past hurt for it cannot touch me now.
  • My heart is strong and ready.
  • I bask in the love in and around me.
  • I thank God for the love I have in abundance.
  • Love is a gift I give freely to others.
  • I'm ready for new love and a mature, kind relationship.
  • I embrace my next love, drawing them to me.
  • I radiate perfect love and light until all within my cirlce are healed.
  • I allow my angels to bring my highest love to me in this time.
  • I trust the universe; I trust love to be good to me.
  • I am filled with perfect love, I attract the same back to me now.
  • I am ready for new people and experiences, whatever they may be.
  • I give of my heart and receive truly in exchange.
  • I love myself, I give unlimited love to me.
grow hearts

Love Affirmations For Couples

If you have already found your soul mate but wish to make the love stronger, these affirmations below might help.
  • I adore my loving partner and appreciate all he/she does
  • Each day is new and I see more in my partner each day
  • Our love is renewed like the day we first met
  • I honour my partner in all ways
  • I let go of old hurts with my partner now
  • I stare into your eyes and truly see your soul
  • This life is a life of love and it begins today
  • I am thoughtful of you and you return this favour
  • We are blessed to be together and I love you
  • Our hearts grow closer as our love grows stronger
  • I am open to improve in this relationship

Removing Love Blockages

Many times we take our time to get over our last love affair, holding on without knowing that this can block a new energy and person from entering. The universe knows always when we are ready, it is called Perfect Timing. When that time arrives, we crash into someone's life or they into ours and it begins over again.

When we look back at this pattern in our life, we clearly notice that the new person only arrives after we are all but done with the last. In that space created after we let go of a past love, there is room for a new one who promptly arrives, even if the new is only a crush - it doesn't matter. The space is usually filled with one person at a time and never completely void. Therein lies the magic, to find new love is to be open to it and to let go of the old.

How To Use Your New Affirmations

Choose a few of the affirmations from the list to work with initially. Focusing on two statements is ideal at any one time. Spend several days on those statements until you are sure they have affected change. As you practice, you can feel when you have worked enough on any affirmation.

You do not need to change every attitude about yourself today; you can take your time, identifying the area within you that needs the most work - and start there. When you experience how affirmations affect positive change within you, you will be able to write your own statements easily.

Don't forget to read about How to Use Affirmations if you are unsure how to use them properly.

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