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How to Use Affirmations

Firstly, I cannot stress how important affirmations can be for healing, both of the body and especially the mind.

Affirmations An affirmation is essentially a positive statement that is given in the present tense, i.e. I am a wonderful person with many talents. Can you feel how positive that statement is? Simply saying to yourself out loud such a positive statement makes you feel good. It can be an instant mood booster. However, the real power of affirmations is how they get into your subconscious mind, or your thoughts that are below conscious awareness, and boost those too. An affirmation said often will actually reprogram your subconscious with the positive statement you are repeating. They have the power to literally turn your life around from negative to positive, and do so quickly! They can also be applied to almost any situation or problem. Once you get the hang of writing them, you can quickly compose your own affirmations whenever you need to, to suit your current needs.

The subject of your affirmation can be regarding any problem or belief about yourself or your situation that you wish to change. Here is where they overlap with the law of attraction, since by repeating affirmations you are sending out positively charged energy. As 'like attracts like', positive energy attracts back to you more positive energy. Often our thoughts can become negative and repetitive, our inner chatter unbeknownst to us can reflect thoughts that are bringing us down and closing down opportunities. Negative thoughts block us from moving forward. Since a positive attitude isn't always easy or natural in the face of adversity, this is where repeating affirmations can help us tremendously.

Example subjects of your affirmation could be centered around appearance, weight, attitude, prospects, hopes and dreams, beliefs, conditioning or just something you want to turn around. Here are all kinds of example affirmations:

  • I loose weight quickly and easily and do not feel a need to stuff myself again. 
  • I attract a wonderful new job with great pay and people I enjoy being around. 
  • I enjoy my life and am open to new opportunities each and every day. 
  • I am strong enough to conquer any problem and overcome any obstacle. 
  • I embrace all that happens as an opportunity to learn and grow wiser. 
  • My financial status improves each hour of each day, I attract wonderful luck.
The trick with affirmations is to phrase them in the positive, otherwise they cannot reprogram our subconscious thoughts. If you were to say, "Bad people no longer hinder me", what your mind hears is the words "bad people" and that is what you begin to attract. Rather, saying "Kindness surrounds me and I accept love to come to me" is a million times more effective at changing your expectations in life and charging you with positive energy. Through the law of attraction you begin to attract the positive things you state because your mind is expecting it. You are sending out a whole other energy to the universe, and you can start living on a bandwidth where such things are possible.

I believe affirmations saved my life when I had a few cancers that were very aggressive. Somehow, because I knew my life could well depend on it, I changed my whole attitude about my life to the positive and it was no easy feat. I had such entrenched thought patterns but each day I would repeat out loud, like a mantra, "I love my live, my life is wonderful, I want to live." This was not how I felt initially, yet repeating this fundamental statement took me to a very positive state towards cherishing life again. I was very lucky because such aggressive cancer did not return. The books I'd read about affirmations I feel saved me because I had the tools to instantly work on my subconscious and bring my attitude back from the edge, back into the light and have another chance to see how wondrous the world is. Today I no longer need this affirmation daily to remind me because it finished its reprogramming work. This is how it often is; once you have worked on one area of your life, you don't need to revisit that particular issue again and are free to move onto other attitudes or beliefs.

How to use affirmations correctly

Affirmations are so simple to use. Simply write your statement in the present tense. Never phrase it in past or future with words like "I will" or "I was". Instead of saying "I will lose weight", simply say "I lose weight" - and there is the power, in the present moment.

Repeat any affirmation at least 3 times out loud. For more power I would spend a few minutes just repeating it as a mantra, over and over. Do this at intervals throughout the day whenever you remember. If you are motivated to change, you will remember to do this. Spend some time on the wording so that your affirmations really resonate with you. You can also repeat them over and over in your mind, or some people prefer to write them out over and over. Stick them to the fridge, the bedroom wall or a corner of your computer screen.

Do this for as long as it takes for your energy to change to positive. You may feel odd doing this at first until it feels natural. Some affirmations can feel too positive at first, this occurs when your belief system argues with you. When you persist through this feeling, you actually change that belief system at a deep level, whilst drawing to you new positive energy that supports the new belief.

Lastly, be imaginative and unlimited. What can be more natural than affirming positive things about you to yourself? Remember: Think big and beautiful about You!

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