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We have some more spiritual and esoteric articles on this page, enjoy!

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Higher Consciousness

What Is The Lightbody?
Alternate Timelines - What Are They?
5th Dimensional Consciousness
What Is Your Soul Group?
I Am My Higher Self

More On Healing

Hands On Healing: 3 Techniques
Rescue Remedy Really Works!
Animals Are Natural Healers
Colour Therapy
Spiritual Healing Modalities


Practicing Mindfulness Meditation & High Blood Pressure


Who Is The Ashtar Command?
The Inner Earth - Agartha


How to Use Affirmations
Affirmations for Weight Loss
Affirmations for Prosperity & Wealth
Affirmations for Opening to Love
Affirmations for Success

General Topics

Old Soul Eyes
Is It Okay To Pray To Angels?
Why Can't Angels Save Us?
Spiritual Awakening Stories
Healing Overactive Empathy
Raise Your Frequency & Personal Energy
How To Love The Past
How Spiritual Gifts Arrive
Learn To Speak Your Truth
Being Spiritual With Confidence
Keeping A Gratitude Journal
Getting Over A Guilty Conscience

Spiritual Symbols

What Do Doves Symbolize? What Does Cockatoo Symbolize?

New Earth Section

What If Heaven Decided To Change Earth?
Are We In A MATRIX - What Is It?
The Angels On Global Warming
Why The Dark Side Won The Experiment
The Illusion Of Darkness And The Fall
Earth's Isolation Is Ending
Warnings of Chastisement and Karma


What Is NESARA? Important News
What Was The Greek Bailout?


Mercury Retrograde Effects
STAR TWINS - Same Sign Couples
Discover Your Rising Sign


Hurraw! Organic Lip Balms
Channeled Messages by Kathryn E May
Romance Angels Oracle Cards
The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue
The Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish
Life Purpose Oracle Cards
The Celestial Project - Worldwide Karmic Clearing

*NEW* Crystals - Properties & Meanings

Apatite (Blue & Green)
Lemon Quartz
Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Tigers Eye

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Crystal Children & Adults
11 Ways To Attract A Soul Mate

Newest Articles
Old Soul Eyes
What Do Doves Symbolize?
Meditation & High Blood Pressure
Twin Flame Energy Exchange
Do A Soul Fragment Retrieval
Try Hands On Healing
Get Over A Guilty Conscience
Lessen Or Complete Your Karma
10 Signs You're Psychic
Practicing Mindfulness
Animals Are Natural Healers
Twin Flame Intimacy & Sex
Rescue Remedy Really Works!
Signs Of A Karmic Relationship
How To Love Your Past

Signs You're A Healer
8 Symptoms Of Ascension

Twin Flame Articles
Twin Flame Reunion
The Twin Flame Runner
6 Myths About Twin Flames

The Book Of Karma
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