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If you have been searching for a website all about angels and related subjects then please take the time to visit all the angel articles we have! Asking Angels has been lovingly put together to spread information about God's angels and other beings, such as Ascended Masters (who work closely with angels), Starseeds, Lightworkers, Elementals, Soulmates and much more.

AngelTo sum up what you can find on this site, we are big on communication with angels, how to know when an angel is giving us information and how to ask angels questions. You may want to learn about earth angels, otherwise known as incarnated angels.

One way angels communicate with us is through Angel Numbers and other signs. We can open communication just by asking our own angel team to help us or give us a sign. We can also receive insight from our spirit guides through dreams. They are always accessible to work for us in our best interests - it is their mission they take on.

The Ascended Masters are angel-like beings who have evolved further than humanity and they work with angels to uplift this world and keep us on a firm course of human evolution. In very real ways, the Ascended Masters work with people in the real world (their boots on the ground) to achieve fairness on this world. When things look at their darkest, know that an army behind the scenes is working to bring not just fairness, but peace, back to this world. The angels are very pragmatic - rather than only caring about the higher, heavenly dimensions, they know and understand our plight here on the front line in one of the most difficult dimensions to traverse.
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Certain crystals can help with angel communication, communion and meditation. Such stones can be a great way to gently start to feel the angel energies and experience what angels are about. Learn about the Archangels, who direct all of the angelic kingdoms beneath them. Archangels are often the direct messengers of God, yet they are personally available to us. Archangels are large beings who are more like a collective of many energies existing in Oneness with each other. We can call on them, for example Archangel Michael is always available for protection. He can help us to do a cord cutting, or protect us in traffic, or if we find ourself in a bad situation.

There is a lot of information about healing crystals and useful stones, like stones that can alleiviate depression, anxiety, fear, etc. Take a look at all the articles on this site here and enjoy.

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